Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Public pay phones should be available for those who can't afford a cell phone

Last month my husband had an appointment in Brookings with a cardiologist. He'd previously seen the doctor in years past.

Upon arriving in Brookings at what had previously been the cardiologist's office, we were informed that his location had moved and they did not know where.

As neither I nor my husband own a cell phone, we then proceeded to look for a pay phone. But we were unable to locate one.

We finally ended up at the police station where an officer, upon hearing our dilemma, made a long distance call for us to the doctor's Grants Pass office to get us a location for his Brookings office.

While talking with the officer we were informed that there is in fact no pay phone anywhere in Brookings.

Not everyone can afford a cell phone, especially those on a fixed income. A cell phone for us is definitely a luxury that doesn't fit in our budget.

There should be at least two pay phones in every city for dinosaurs like us, who by no fault of our own must do things old-school.

Jill Bausch,

Crescent City

Sutter Coast Hospital lawsuit hearing left many questions for local patients

I was very disappointed in today's lawsuit trial regarding Sutter Coast Hospital. It should have been how they can get more patients. The judge didn't even care enough to listen to a few people who had extremely bad health care.

I came there hoping to voice my experience twice in one year. All I could hear was about the judge's background. Judge Leslie set a new date on this issue for April 10.

Do you think we'll get to air our experiences? Or why any of us would rather go elsewhere for tests or any emergency?

Rita Moore,

Crescent City