Del Norte Triplicate Readers

No discussion of STAA trucks, Last Chance

The meeting on the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan was jam-packed with folks from Crescent City, Hiouchi, and Gasquet, among other places, to the surprise of Project Manager Jeff Schwein. A large percentage - two-thirds to three-fourths by show of hands - were there with concerns about Caltrans' project to alter Highways 199 and 197 to allow the longer STAA trucks.

This fact was enlightening for Jeff, but Tamera Leighton, representing the Transportation Commission, already knew I'm sure, by some familiar faces and petitions that were being given out.

But we were not allowed to discuss this; Tamera said it was "already

funded" and "under construction" and thus not in the planning or

discussion stage, and a lot of other etc. etc. When people tried to

broach the subject, she became increasingly strident and said we could

talk about it outdoors if we wanted.

She knew she was outgunned, and when the howitzer from EPIC,

Natalynne, and Dave from the Coalition for Responsible Transportation

Priorities, walked in she dug into the trench and tried to take control

of the meeting.

The point I wanted to make, but was cut off, is that funding can be

rescinded and projects canceled. We need to free up as much money as

possible to handle what Jeff stressed is a "crisis in funding" for Del

Norte County roads. That was the main thrust of his well-organized

presentation. Jeff himself was quite open, congenial, and patient in his

handling of the meeting.

The topic of Last Chance Grade was also squelched. We were allowed to talk about crosswalks and welcome signs, though.

Diana Ashley, Gasquet

Rise in water/sewer not viable for users

I do not live within the city limits but I pay for city water/sewer.

I am on a fixed income. Monthly, I pay $30 for water (on average) and

$63.14 for sewer whether I put it down the drain, flush the toilet or

not use it at all. In addition, I pay a yearly total of $227.89 for

three sewer assessment fees.

I was notified that there is a proposal to bill people according to the amount of water they "may" put into the sewer system.

As I understand the proposed sewer fee the following would happen

(using the chart supplied by the city and the online calculator for the

new fees):

Basic sewer fee for an inside residential - $45.75

Fee for each 100 cubic feet of water used - $7.34

My water use during July 2015 - 1,608 cubic feet (house and yard)

My actual water bill - $48.45

My proposed sewer bill - $125 (July's actual was $63.14)

When will the raises end?

Crescent City/Del Norte County doesn't need anything else to detract

from its beauty. We already have people begging at the corners and

people dumping their trash where they drive or stand. Let's keep

Crescent City/Del Norte County green and monetarily attractive.

Kathleen Benskin, Del Norte County

C.A.N. helps poor in 2015 thanks to support

Community Assistance Network would like to thank the entire community

of Crescent City and Del Norte County for your generous support

throughout 2015.

Thanks to you, we were able to partner with several other agencies

that help the needy. Because of your support, we were able to feed more

than 1,000 persons per month, give out 478,000 pounds of food over the

year with a retail value of more than $1 million dollars, provide

clothing and other essentials for many people in need, and bring hope,

encouragement and fellowship into the lives of hundreds who face

tremendous economic, health, mental, physical, age-related and spiritual


The Bible says whatever kindness you show to "the least of these,"

you're actually showing to God himself. All of us at CAN feel honored,

privileged and humbled to serve in a community where so many care so

much for those less fortunate than themselves.

May you be blessed abundantly in 2016.

Stuart Nichols, Interim Director

Larry Read, Warehouse Manager

Cook hits on real worries about Islam

Of the opposing views of Islam in Saturday's Opinion, Ms. Cook's

clearly wins. The opposing view that Muslims may become more tolerant,

more modern, or more moderate is plainly contrary to the teachings of

Islam. As far as either welcoming or prohibiting Muslim believers who

would enter the United States, notwithstanding the tolerance that

Americans are taught, the government must take the stand that supports

its mission of protecting the people of this nation, probably in this

case through the Office of Homeland Security.

It is a bell-curve statistical fact that a person raised within a

family of a specific religious persuasion will become a member of that

religion. The persuasion then lives on through generations. Members of a

religion - or any organization that engenders and encourages criminal

acts, especially murder against outsiders - should be prohibited from

entry or residence in our otherwise tolerant nation.

The mere fact that such a strategy is hardly enforceable under

current laws, cultures, mores, and politics should not deter us from our

basic responsibility of protection of ourselves and others. Democratic

principles are not based on the martyrdom to which unlimited tolerance

would eventually lead.

Distinguishing our enemies from the harmless among religious

warmongers is the crux of the problem. It will probably not be resolved

in our lifetimes. But unless we take steps, it will never be resolved.

Ken Krogstad, Crescent City

Triplicate drops ball on Grand Jury stories

After reading the Triplicate's recent efforts to confuse the issues

surrounding both the previous year's Grand Jury report and the

activities of the administrative staff of the DNSWMA, it does not

surprise me that the newspaper remains oblivious and tone deaf to what

went on during this past year. It is clear the newspaper, Mr. (Tod) Roy

and Judge (William) Follet are clueless as to the specific purpose of

the Grand Jury.

It is not their task to go on fishing expeditions or produce

journalistic special reports about agencies within government, but to

investigate known and documented statute violations.

As far as the report being of an agency under a microscope that is

nonsense. The report issued in June did not rekindle interest, but lit

the fires of outrage within the community over the blatant advocacy

contained within the report as well as laid bare the almost countless

errors contained within its pages.

The paper further implies the blame for this dysfunction, is to be

laid at the door steps of three of its former commissioners but fails to

mention that amidst the fallout following the release of the report

that two of the commissioners were found to be blameless and the other

was censured for no apparent reason.

In addition, it was discovered that perjury was committed within the report in an attempt to malign Mrs. (Mary) Wilson.

It would not be much of a surprise to me and other eye-rolling

members of this community that other bits of bad behavior by the current

director of the DNSWMA and last year's Grand Jury will surface. This

community is much too small to avoid something eventually leaking out

regarding this sordid affair.

It is very likely that Mr. (Roger) Gitlin's quotes found in your

story will prove to be more accurate than anything else within the


Samuel Strait, Crescent City