By Dick Trone

When I wrote about the first ever football game played by the Warriors back in 1924, two names in the starting lineup have kept reappearing on Warrior teams through 1985.

Ston and Louie Yackamouih started the line that went through three generations. Ston was a senior running back on the 1924 team, graduating in 1925 Younger brother Louie played again the next year, graduating in 1926.

A third younger brother, Alex, then came on the scene during the 1930's, where along with Rockey Peterson, led our city league All Stars to many victories over Southern Oregon opponents.

When you look back at the box scores from games played during that era, Alex and Rocky traded high scoring honors back and forth. When Alex had to give up basketball he stayed very active in local bowling.

The first Ston had a son named Ston who also became a standout on Warrior football and basketball teams from 1953 through 1957.

In 1954 Ston was a starting defensive back for the Warriors when they played Arcata in the first ever Del Norte High School homecoming game. I once heard Tex Gatlin say that Ston was one of the smartest players he ever coached.

In this instance he was not referring to Ston's outstanding achievement in the classroom, where he graduated with outstanding honors, but the way he performed on the football field and on the gym floor.

He knew how to get the very best out of himself. After graduation Ston went to the college, where he studied pharmacy. He returned to Crescent City and now along with Tom Nichols own and operate The Medicine Shoppe.

The second Ston and wife Jerry had a third Ston. This Ston was also a Warrior standout. He graduated from Del Norte in 1986. This Ston was very special to me because I got to be his football coach.

He was much like his dad because he knew how to get the best out of himself. He was not big and he was not fast, but he became one of quarterback Blaine Lopez's favorite receivers. He had a special knack of getting himself open and would catch anything that came close.

After graduation, Ston became a heavy equipment mechanic and moved to Riddle, Ore.

The whole Warrior family still mourns his passing as he was killed in a tragic logging accident about three years ago.

As a loyal Warrior fan it has been very special to have known personally this whole Warrior clan. They were all special people.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High Warrior sports. Trone, who played football for the Warriors, had an illustrious career on the gridiron at Humboldt State University. Trone was head football coach at Del Norte High for a number of years before retiring. Currently, he is head coach of the Wild Rivers Storm semi-pro football team.