The recently formed Team S.W.I.F.T. (Swift Women in Fast Track) is looking for new members. The group will meet on Saturday at the Del Norte High School track.Co-founders Sandra Swift and Susan Roberts spent considerable time and thought over a running woman's needs and expectations. The team's focus will be both individual and group oriented. Individually, each woman will learn better technique using drills, stretches and workouts, and will identify goals. Shawn Burke, certified personal trainer, has agreed to work with the group. As a group, the women already are bonding into a vibrant, supportive team. Their first goal is to run the Trinidad to Clam Beach run on Feb. 2. Some may walk parts of it, others expect to accomplish a faster run than ever. As a team, they will meet three times a week to run. Tuesday and Thursday they will offer morning and evening runs to allow for family and work commitments. Saturday mornings will be a group run and meetings will be at the high school.The group will meet this Saturday at 8 a.m. at the high school track. For more information, E-mail