By Adam Madison

Triplicate staff writer

Crystal clear skies, bright sun and a cool breeze provided the perfect weather for a knockout at the andquot;Brawl by the River,andquot; held at Gold Bear Casino in Klamath on Saturday.

andquot;The fight had a great turn-out,andquot; said Ron Otremba, trainer for the Del Norte Fitness Fighting Team.

About 300 tickets were sold.

There were 24 fighters and 12 fights.

Chad (Chopsaw) Poole box-ed Ray (The Lightning) Shep-hard, and put on a healthy bout for the first match of the day. Poole threw brutal hooks, but Shephard was able to cut in a few choice uppercuts, keeping Poole's head ringing.

Shephard got too loose towards the last round, and Poole caught him with a right hay-maker that knocked Shephard out, and almost out of the ring.

The second match, a Mixed Martial Arts bout between Justin andquot;The Savageandquot; Rafferty and Andy Maples, went to Rafferty by tap-out. The fight went to the ground in the first round and Rafferty put Maples in a choke-hold, knocking Maples out.

Miguel andquot;Little Shankandquot; Jamie boxed Lanong andquot;Gawkandquot; Sridathong in a three-round match with knockdowns being exchanged until the final round.

Sridathong noodle-legged Jamie soon after the first round began. Jamie came right back in the second round to knock Sridathong half-way out of the ring.

Sridathong was able to get the last knockout for the win in the third round.

The first brawl (untrained fighter) match, between Arlen andquot;Nor Cal Bad Boyandquot; Brown and Matt andquot;The Bullandquot; Breslin, delivered blows the crowd could feel. Both fighters were up and down, each returning blow for body shaking blow.

But Brown was able to floor Breslin at least once a round, taking some clean body shots and keeping Breslin on the ropes for the win.

The co-main event bouts were between Jesse andquot;Big Redandquot; Quarles and Hank Nichols in the heavyweight boxing match and Jarrod Wyatt and James Shumack for the M.M.A. match.

Nichols and Quarles were blow-for-blow in the first round, according to Otremba, Quarles' trainer.

andquot;Jesse was getting boxed-out towards the end of the second round, it was frustrating him,andquot; Otremba said.

andquot;Quarles caught him (Nichols) with a big right hand in the third,andquot; said Otremba.

The M.M.A. match between Wyatt and Shumack drew the biggest crowd. The fight was only one round, but the rounds were five-minutes long.

Shumack controlled the fight in the beginning, Kun said, and andquot;each fighter was able to get out of some really great holds.andquot; Shumack was andquot;even able to get out of the crucifix.andquot;

Shumack put Wyatt in an arm-bar, but Wyatt reversed the hold and put Shumack into a chokehold for the win.

Matches and Winners

?Boxing: Chad andquot;Chopsawandquot; Poole v. Ray andquot;The Lightningandquot;

Shephard. Poole by knockout.

?Mixed Martial Arts: Justin andquot;The Savageandquot; Rafferty v. Andy

Maples. Rafferty by tap-out.

?Boxing: Miguel andquot;Little Shankandquot; Jamie v. Lanong Sridathong.

Sridathong by knockout.

?Submission: Alex andquot;Bulldogandquot; Rosenburg v. Keith Anderson. Rosenburg by


?Brawl: Arlen andquot;Nor Cal Bad Boyandquot; Brown v. Matt andquot;The Bullandquot;

Breslin. Brown by decision

?Boxing: Logan andquot;The Fighting Buckarooandquot; Otremba v. Tevin

Newton. Otremba by decision.

?Brawl: Crystal andquot;I Gotta Buzzandquot; Breslin v. Ella Norris. Breslin by


?Mixed Martial Arts: Eugene Abasolo v. James Spalding.

Abasolo by knockout.

?Boxing: Cory Roberson v. George Williams. Roberson by decision

?Mixed Martial Arts: Jeff andquot;Brick houseandquot; Holz v. Jeff Johnson.

Johnson by knockout/decision, ref stopped fight.

?Heavyweight Boxing: Jesse andquot;Big Redandquot; Quarles v. Hank

Nichols: Quarles by knockout.

?Mixed Martial Arts: Jarrod Wyatt v. James Shumack. Wyatt

by tap-out.

SOURCE: Del Norte Health and Fitness