By Bill Choy

Triplicate Sports Editor

For Pat Jefferson, it's important to pass on his knowledge and love of boxing to those who want to learn.

Jefferson, a former professional boxer who once fought in the undercard of the Marvin Hagler versus Thomas Hearns fight in 1985 - is in town teaching and training those who want to learn from him at the Del Norte Boxing club.

andquot;You have to give back to the sport that took me to the top 10 in the world when I retired,andquot; he said. andquot;You have to give back and spread the wealth.andquot;

Jefferson went 21-6 as a professional boxer between 1980 to 1985. He retired in his weight class ranked No.7 by the World Boxing Council and was the first South Dakotan to win a national boxing title at the 1973 Junior Olympics, among many highlights in his career as both an amateur and pro boxer.

To Jefferson, it's important to give those wanting to learn andquot;the opportunity and knowledgeandquot; to be good boxers.

andquot;I can teach them how to be a step ahead by teaching them proper technique and conditioning,andquot; he said.

This includes things like learning when to use the proper combination of punches, or how to better handle getting punched.

Since the start of this week, Jefferson has taught people, from seven years old, up to their 20s, his training techniques. Jefferson, who currently lives in Reno, Nev., will stay for at least a few more weeks, and perhaps up to a month, depending on the demand for his services.

He came to town as the result of longtime acquaintance Ralph Murphy, who co-owns Del Norte boxing. Murphy asked Jefferson if he would be interested in coming to Crescent City and passing on his knowledge as a pro boxer to those in Del Norte County.

While he has helped train boxers at the club, Murphy said he wanted to bring in someone with more knowledge and experience who could help the boxers here take the next step and gain more valuable skills.

andquot;Pat knows everything about boxing,andquot; he said. andquot;Now they've got a real trainer. They will learn so much from him. It will be unbelievable.andquot;

For more than a year, Landon O'Reilley, 21, has trained at the boxing club. He said in the few days he has worked with Jefferson, he has gained a wealth of valuable advice.

andquot;I'm getting a bunch of world class knowledge,andquot; he said. andquot;He's a good trainer. I've only worked out with him for a couple of days, but I have learned a lot.andquot;

Jefferson said he loves still being around boxing and passing on what he knows to others.

For him, there's nothing quite like boxing.

andquot;It's one-on-one,andquot; he said. andquot;You get all of the accolades, or suffer the defeat. You're out there by yourself. You can't bring in the sixth man. You either win or lose on your own.andquot;

For more information on training classes with Jefferson, or personal training time, call 464-1211 or 951-1211.