Triplicate Staff

Defense ruled the day for the Siskiyou Savages semi-pro football team, as the squad pulled-off a 6-0 overtime victory against Coos Bay on the road on Saturday.

The win improves the Savages mark to 2-5 for the year.

The defense held Coos Bay to -17 yards rushing and 30 yards passing.

The Savages offense, on the other hand, struggled, with neither of the regular starting quarterbacks able to play. In overtime, with the score at 0-0, the Savages were able to move the ball down to the 11-yard line.

On fourth down, the Savages went for the field goal and the win, but the center snap was off. At that moment, the holder, Chris White, scooped the ball up, went to his left, and found tight end Josh Jiminez in the end zone for the touchdown.

On Saturday, the Savages play its last game of the season against the Roseburg Knights.

The contest is set to be held a 6 p.m. at McKinleyville High School.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the game could not be played in Brookings or Crescent City.