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Junior High Track and Field kick off meet at Del Norte High School

April 25th results

400-Meter Relay: 7th grade girls, 1st, Crescent Elk, 1:03.78: 2nd, Smith River, 1:04.77: 8th grade girls:1st; Smith River, 1:07.34; 7th grade boys:1st; Redwood, 58.09, 2nd, Smith River 1:02.60: 8th grade boys; 1st, Crescent Elk, 52.97: 2nd, Smith River 56.02

1600-Meter Relay: 7th grade girls; 1st, Smith River, 5:55.04; 8th grade girls 1st, Smith River 6:08.72; 7th grade boys, 1st, Smith River 5:58.16; 8th grade boys, 1st Crescent Elk

100-Meter Dash: 7th grade girl's; Kathryn Gustafson, Crescent Elk, 14.72, 1st; Chantal Stilwell, Crescent Elk, 15.50, 2nd; Brianna Wakefield, Crescent Elk, 15.57 3rd: 8th grade girls; Courtney Micheletti, Crescent Elk, 15.57, 1st; Zara Gastineau, Crescent Elk, 14.65, 2nd; Nicole Fugate, Crescent Elk, 15.01, 3rd; 7th grade boys; Kris Larson, Redwood, 13.22, 1st; Noah Timoshenko, Smith River, 14.22, second; Collin Taylor, Redwood, 14:28, 3rd; 8th grade boys; Nathanael Timoshenko, Smith River, 12.38, 1st; Nick Vaseleniuck, Crescent Elk, 12.78, 2nd; Mark Standring, Crescent Elk, 13,22, 3rd

200-Meter Dash: 7th grade girl's;1st, Kathryn Gustafson, Crescent Elk, 32.22; 2nd, Ayashe Padon, Redwood, 33.78, 3rd, Brianna Wakefield, Crescent Elk, 34.10: 8th grade girls, 1st, Courtney Micheletti, Crescent Elk, 29.82; 2nd, Nicole Fugate, Crescent Elk, 31.35, 3rd, Adriana Berber, Smith River, 37.61: 7th grade boys: 1st,Collin Taylor, Redwood, 28.15; 2nd, Noah Timoshenko, Smith River 29.75, 3rd, Jason Keeling, Crescent Elk, 34.68: 8th grade boys; 1st, Nathanael Timoshenko Smith River 27.14, 2nd, Jay Smith, Crescent Elk, 34.0 400-Meter Dash: 7th grade girl's; 1st, Kathryn Gustafson, Crescent Elk,1:15.07; 2nd, Lauren Steven, Smith River,1:20.12; 3rd, Courtney Gordon,Smith River,1:21:15: 8th grade girls: 1st, Gabriela Zepeda, Smith River, 1:15:93: 7th grade boy's, 1st, Collin Taylor, Redwood, 1:09.72; 2nd Jason Keeling, Crescent Elk,1:20.53; 3rd, Jorge Leon, Smith River, 1:23.22: 8th grade boy's, 1st, Martin Ramirez, Smith River, 1:12.22; 2nd, Matthew Eberly, Smith River, 1:13.31 800-Meter Dash:7th grade Girls; 1st, Moriah France, Smith River, 2:59.12; 2nd, Whitney Floyd, Smith River, 3:12.72: 7th grade boys; 1st, Jason Gonzalez, Smith River, 3:17.82; 8th grade boys; 1st, Alvin Scott, Crescent Elk, 2:38.00

1500-Meter Run: 7th grade boys; 1st, Jason Gonzalez, Smith River, 4:38.74: 8th grade boys,1st, Nick McBride,Redwood,4:00.50; 2nd, Julio Rodriguez, Redwood, 4:14.69 100-Meter Low Hurdles : 7th grade girls: 1st, Kathryn Gustafson, Crescent Elk, 19.31; 2nd, Chantal Stilwell, Crescent Elk, 20.38; 3rd, Jessica Thompson, Crescent Elk, 21.44: 8th grade girls; 1st, Zara Gastineau, Crescent Elk, 19.59; 2nd, Nicole Fugate, Crescent Elk, 21.35; 3rd, Hannah Seaton. Crescent Elk, 22.28: 7th grade boys: 1st, Noah Timoshenko, Smith River, 21.44; 2nd, Matthew Garza, Redwood, 23.19; 3rd, Daniel Quick, Smith River,23.96: 8th grade boys:1st, Nathanael Timoshenko, Smith River, 17.97; 2nd, Jay Smith, Crescent Elk, 19.06; 3rd, Martin Ramirez, Smith River, 20.93 Long Jump: 7th grade girls; 1st, Ayashe Padon, Redwood, 11'1andquot;; 2nd, Courtney Gordon, Smith River,11'; 3rd, Clarissa Westerman, Smith River, 10'4andquot;: 8th grade girls; 1st, Zara Gastineau, Crescent Elk, 14'3andquot;; 2nd, Shannon Benn, Crescent City, 13'1andquot;; 3rd,Hannah Seaton, crescent Elk, 12'8andquot;: 7th grade boy's; 1st, Kris Larson, Redwood,14'8andquot;; 2nd,Darian Simpson, Redwood,12'1andquot;; 3rd, Noah Timoshenko, Smith River, 11'7andquot;: 8th grade boys; 1st, Mark Standring, Crescent City, 16'4andquot;; 2nd, Nathanael Timoshenko, Smith River, 15'11andquot;; 3rd, Jay Smith, Crescent Elk, 15'3andquot;

High Jump: 8th girls, 1st, Zara Gastineau, Crescent Elk, 4'9andquot;; 7th grade boys,1st, Kris Larson, Redwood, 5'4; 8th grade boy's; 1st ,Nick McBride, Redwood,4'11andquot; Shot Put: 7th grade girls; 1st, Brianna Wakefield, Crescent Elk, 21'11/2andquot;; 2nd, Lauren Steven, Smith River, 18'71/2andquot;: 8th grade girls; 1st, Gabriela Zepeda, Smith River, 28'91/4andquot;; 2nd, Brittney Kline, Smith River, 28'5andquot;; 3rd, Melinda Tyce, Crescent Elk, 25'1/2andquot;: 7th grade boy's; 1st, Andrew Napier, Crescent Elk, 21'4andquot;: 8th grade boys; 1st, Matthew Dodd, Smith River, 30'2andquot;; 2nd, Matthew Eberly, Smith River, 28'; 3rd,Soren Tedson, Redwood, 26'4andquot;

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