By Bill Choy

Triplicate Sports Editor

An appeal by Del Norte High baseball coach Pablo Lorenzi to overturn an umpire's controversial decision at the end of a game on April 14 and award the victory to the Warriors has been denied.

Lorenzi said Friday athletic directors from the Big 5 and Little 4 Conferences and the league commissioner decided to side with the umpire's decision, although a few athletic directors, some who were at the game, agreed with Lorenzi, he said.

While Lorenzi said he did not expect the decision to be overturned, the ruling was still disappointing.

andquot;They basically took the game out of the kids hands and let the umpire decide the game on a call that was pretty much unfair across the board.andquot; he said.

The controversy began at the end of the first game of a doubleheader on the road against Eureka.

With two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning and Del Norte leading 4-3 and runners from Eureka on first and third, a Logger player grounded to third. The third baseman threw the ball to first base for what appeared to be the final out. The field umpire called the play an out to apparently end the game.

The head umpire made a decision a moment later that the runner was safe, saying the first baseman had pulled his foot off the bag. Because of this, the Eureka runner on third, who was heading for home, was allowed to score and the game was now tied. The contest went into the eighth, where Eureka was able to score the winning run to gain the victory 5-4.

Lorenzi said when the alleged out was made, the Eureka player took his helmet off and slammed it to the ground, which is a violation of rules.

He said he was told the head umpire wrote in a report that he did not see any of that and all he saw was the foot being pulled off first base by Del Norte.