By Bill Choy

Triplicate Sports Editor

Two milestones in bowling happened on the same day, involving two members of the same bowling league team.

For the first time at Tsunami Lanes bowling alley in Crescent City, someone obtained a bowling series score over 800.

That feat was accomplished by Scott Helstowski, a member of the bowling team Seaquest, on April 11 during local bowling league action.

During the same series of games, team member Doug Cairns bowled a 300 game, another difficult feat to master.

andquot;It was great we did it at the same time,andquot; Cairns said.

He has been bowling in a league for 35 years and has never bowled a 300 game before.

andquot;It feels great,andquot; Cairns said. andquot;I was wondering if I was ever going to get one. I hope there's more of them.andquot;

This is not the first time Helstowski has bowled a series over 800. He did it more than 10 years ago when he lived in South Lake Tahoe and bowled an 858 series.

Helstowski is excited he and Carins were able to accomplish two bowling feats around the same time.

andquot;I think it was an once-in-a lifetime thing,andquot; he said. andquot;It's nice to have all that hard work pay off.andquot;

To top it off, a few days before his 811 series, he won his first tournament up in Oregon.

Previously, the nearest anyone had come to an 800 series at the bowling alley, to Helstowski's knowledge, was around 1995, when someone bowled a game in the 790s.v