The Del Norte High Track and Field team had a strong showing at the Del Norte Track Meet Wednesday, with several Warriors doing well at the various events. Complete results from the meet were unavailable at press time Wednesday night.

Del Norte track and field members are in Palo Alto today and Saturday, competing in the Stanford Invitational Track Meet.

Below is a list of all the Del Norte High participants and how they fared. Due to space limitations, the results of the other teams are not listed.

Boys events

100-Meter Dash: Cody Hoffman, second place, 12.09; M. Wakefield, third place, 12.18. Other participants; B. Coulson, 12.66; C. Shelby 12.92; T. Rook, 13.03; D. Morrison, 13.93.

200-Meter Dash: Taylor Duncan, third place, 24.30. Other participants; M. Wakefield, 25.04; B. Coulson 25.65; C. Shelby, 26.33; T. Rook, 26.79; T. Nimrod, 27.47; K. Lemrise,28.5; C. Hickernell 28.54; D. Morrison, 29.12.

400-Meter Dash: M. Worch, first place, 54.14; I. Jager, third place, 58.16.

800-Meter Run: T. Wakefield, second place, 2:12.87; C. Forkner, third place, 2:18.21.

1600-Meter Run. No Del Norte participants finished in the top three; C. Forkner, 5:13.01; J. Alexandre, 5:22.35; J. Pearcey 5:23.12; T. Trevino, 6:18.41; N. Wood, 6:33.39; N. Hopper, 6:54.88.

3200-Meter Run. No Del Norte participants finished in the top three; T. Trevino, 14:35.72; Neil Hopper, 15.10.

110-Meter Hurdles. No Del Norte participants finished in the top three; M. Raleigh, 19.98; C. Cooper, 20.76; C. Hickernell, 23.07

300-Meter Hurdles; M. Raleigh, third place, 48.32.; C. Cooper, 49.76.

4x400-Meter Relay: Del Norte team one finished in second place. Del Norte team two, 4:05.10.

Shot Put. No Del Norte team members finished in top three, but J. Sampier finished in fourth with a throw of 38'01.5; R. Rook, 32'05; T. Nimrod, 30'03; Z. Camp, 29'11.25; K. Eggen, 28.05.5; K. Eggen, 26'05.75; S. Ransom, 22'02.

Discus Throw. No Del Norte participants finished in top three, although J. Sampier finished in fourth with a throw of 111'07; T. Nimrob, 96'01; T. Schultz, 74'07; Rook, 73'03; Z. Camp, 70'04; K. Eggen, 66'0; J. Pearcey, 59'09; S. Ransom, 55'05.

High Jump: Taylor Duncan finished in second, 5.8 feet; Cody Hoffman finished in third, 5.6 feet.; Saxon Schultz, 5.4 feet; Michael Terry, 5.2 feet; Tucker Schultz, 5 feet.

Pole Vault: Taylor Duncan, first place, 14 feet; Joesph Alexandre, 10.6 feet; Tucker Schultz, 9 feet.

Long Jump: Eneas Caro, first place, 18.35 feet; James Sampier, second place, 17.10 feet; Saxon Schultz, third place, 17.8 feet; Michael Terry, 15.5 feet; Ian Jager, 15.1 feet; Kai Lemrise, 14.10 feet, Tucker Schultz, 14.7.5 feet; Nathan Wood, 13. 11.5 feet.

Triple Jump: Eneas Caro, first place, 38.8 feet; Cody Hoffman, third place, 36.5 feet; Saxon Schultz, 36.1 feet; Brock Coulson, 34.9 feet; Michael Terry, 32 feet.


100-meter Dash: Bailee McCulloch, first place 13.30; A. Eiserich, 14.53.

200-Meter Dash: Bailee McCulloch, first place, 26.49; Kelsy Hintz, second place, 26.52; K. Rook, 31.49; D. Gillett, 32.56.

400-Meter Dash: Kelsy Hintz, first place, 1:02.95.

800-Meter Run: Rebecca Cink, first place, 2:33.54.

100-Meter Hurdles: M. Cruse, second place, 19.13.

300-Meter Hurdles: Rebecca Cink,second place, 50.8; J. Hadfield, 59.58.

4x100 Meter Relay, Del Norte placed first with a time of 51.81.

4x400 Meter Rely: Del Norte team one finished in first with a time of 4:24.35; Del Norte team two finished with a time of 4:48.87.

Shot Put: Rachel Cink finished in second place, 29.4.25 feet; Rebecca Cink, 25.2 feet; D. Gillette, 22.9 feet; M. Cruse, 21.11 feet; R. Goodwin, 21.7 feet; K. Sanders, 21.6.5 feet.

Discus Throw, Rebecca Cink finished in second, 107'02; Katy Sanders, 83'07; Jaclyn Hadfield, 66'01; Rachel Goodwin, 60'03; Darlene Gillette, 59'07.

High Jump: Jessica Slayton, Del Norte, finished in first, 5.2 feet; Kaylie Rook, 4 feet.

Pole vault, Kelsy Hintz finished in first, 12 feet.

Long Jump, Jessica Slayton finished in second place, 14.11 feet; Alyssa Eiserich, 10.9 feet.

Triple Jump, Jaclyn Hadfield finished in first, 28.10 feet.

- Triplicate staff