Triplicate Staff

Disc golfer Ron Cole of Del Norte County placed first in the Pro Masters Division of the Southern Oregon Winter Series that concluded Sunday.

The series includes events every two weeks for 24 weeks, starting Nov. 19. It is held in various locations in Southern Oregon, and the final round was played Saturday and Sunday at Sam Brown Campground.

Par was 108, and Cole finished with a score of 110 on a windy, rainy day.

This was Cole's third year in the series, although he has played

competitively since 2007. He is the coordinator for Gateway Education,

organizing summer camps and the annual Pastels in the Park event in

Crescent City.

"The first time I played disc golf was with my dad in Ukiah," Cole

said. "We both love the outdoors and it was something we could do

together. Fast-forward 10 years to a summer camp in Crescent City. I

designed a small temporary course for the kids here and they loved it."

Since 2003, Gateway Education and volunteers have established a

beginner course at Joe Hamilton Elementary and an advanced course at

Beachfront Park.

"We will be installing the intermediate course at College of the Redwoods this summer," Cole said.

He finds disc golfing to be "much like surfing. You can zen out on

the movement of the wind, the heaviness of the air. You can feel an

instinctive resistance to pulling a certain disc out of your bag at a

certain moment so you put it back and grab another and all feels right

again. For me it's less about winning and more about the perfect pull,

snap and rotation, the feeling of the disc ripping itself out of my

hands and seeing it fly in a graceful 'S.'

"Every day at Beachfront is a walking meditation that helps me

practice accepting all that life gives me. I think all sports and

activities must feel like this when you go deep enough into them."