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Chalk up another win for North Coast weather. High winds and big swells gave the recreational ocean salmon season a slow start in Crescent City and Eureka, but not due to a lack of salmon or enthusiasm.

Crescent City salmon

A few brave souls decided they were fishing for salmon on opening day Tuesday, come swell or high water - and wind.

"The ones that are going out are catching fish," said Loren Taylor of Englund Marine in Crescent City.

The tenacious anglers were rewarded with a few salmon. On Wednesday,

one boat went out and hooked eight fish and landed three of them on the

boat, Taylor said. Another boat with two fishermen caught four salmon

Fishermen are catching salmon right of the "red can" (the second buoy) all the way up toward Castle Rock.

Eureka! Thar's salmon

On Tuesday, the official opening day of ocean salmon fishing for Eureka and Crescent City, the forecast was grim.

Tim Klassen of Reel Steel Sport Fishing went out to find that the

weather was even worse than predicted with 10-foot swells every 10


"We turned tail and headed back in before it got worse," Klassen said.

On Wednesday, he had better luck, with a few bites straight out from the port in about 180 feet of water.

Tim Clark of Blocksburg caught a 10-pound female Chinook with a

dodger and an anchovy as bait. That dodger/anchovy combination was the

ticket, being the only rig to trigger bites for Reel Steel on Wednesday.

One salmon was short of the 20-inch limit and another took the bait and


Over the radio, the best fishing score Klassen heard was one boat with four salmon.

"It was kind of a short bite," Klassen said. The salmon were only really biting earlier in the morning.

The 28-foot Reel Steel fishing vessel also went for halibut on Wednesday with no luck.

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