Robert Husseman, The Triplicate

Tsunami Sirens take down Roller Vixens Saturday at the Fairgrounds

The Tsunami Sirens of Crescent City took control of their Saturday-night roller derby bout against the Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens of Roseburg, Ore., from the start, never letting up in a 176-56 victory.

Shellie ("sHell on Wheels") Duncan kicked things off for the Sirens by racking up two "grand slams" - passing all five members of the opposition on the floor - for 10 points in the first jam, or period, of the game. Danielle ("Ragin' Reg") Arispe, the Sirens' second jammer, or point scorer, accrued a pair of grand slams of her own.

Chloe ("Olandeacute; Cholandeacute;") Joesten, the Sirens' jammer for the third jam, got the crowd of about 350 spectators at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds Main Building involved in the bout. Though Joesten did not score during her jam, she laid out a Roller Vixens jammer with a legal hit that turned up the volume in the building.

"I'm used to the floor (of the Main Building) - it's really

slippery," Joesten said. "Once you know you can catch up, you can (make

an impact). She went to the outside (off a turn); I came inside. It was


By the time the Roller Vixens got on the board, the Sirens led 26-1 and continued to muscle the Roller Vixens around.

Tsunami Sirens head coach Jack ("Old Xchool") Gollaher was excited

that, while the Sirens were producing points in a hurry, their blockers

kept Umpqua Valley's jammers at bay.

"We control bouts from the rear," Gollaher said. "We use finesse with

the back (line of defense to block the opposing jammers' moves). It was

very effective."

Shelley ("Auntie Virus") Palmer of the Sirens scored five grand slams

in two separate jams later in the first half, and Duncan scored three

grand slams in another jam. At the end of the first half, the Sirens

held a 113-22 lead over the Roller Vixens, with Umpqua Valley recording a

single grand slam.

"By the 10th jam, we had everything under control," said the Sirens'

Caryn ("Sconnie") Larson. "We were working together as a team."

The Sirens opened the second half with grand slams from Tanya

("Princess Thundercloud") Anderson and Palmer in the first three jams,

followed by a 16-1 run in a span of four jams. For every attack the

Roller Vixens launched, the Sirens countered; the Sirens' lead only

increased from the 91-point halftime advantage.

"We wanted them to get four or five points (in a jam), not

20," Gollaher said. "Whenever we were in power jams, we put faster

blockers in" to counteract Umpqua Valley's jammers, emphasizing

positioning over the big hit.

The strategy worked, as a 10-point jam by a Roller Vixens jammer

proved to be the most damaging of the second half. The Sirens, who led

by as many as 135 points in the bout, recorded four second-half grand


An Umpqua Valley skater suffered a right arm injury during the eighth

jam of the second half. She was treated by the emergency medical

technician on site and left the building for further evaluation.

The Sirens' victory soothed the pain of their Feb. 21 loss to Ukiah's

Mendo Mayhem, 238-40, at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds, their last

home bout.

"They were at a different level than we are," Larson said of Mendo Mayhem. "It feels good to come back from that."

The Sirens, who improved their record to 2-2 on the season, take on the Redding Roller Girls at home June 23.

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