Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Eureka salmon fishing has been 'amazing'

High winds have been thwarting ocean anglers the last few days, but when conditions permit, the salmon bite is still hot in Eureka.

Wind or salmon in Eureka

"The salmon fishing truly is amazing right now," Tim Klassen wrote in

the fishing reports on "I really don't know

what else to say. If you ever wanted to give salmon fishing a try, now

might be the right time."

Reel Steel's reports are peppered with quick limits on salmon, when

they haven't had to cut trips short or cancel them entirely due to wind.

On Tuesday, Reel Steel had the biggest fish of any single day this season with three 20-plus pound chinook.

Klamath salmon

Mike Stratman of Redwood Coast Fishing said the spring chinook bite

on the Klamath River remains a little slow, but people are catching


There's been about one to three fish per boat per day "with more people having one's than three's," Stratman said.

As the river has been getting clearer, Stratman recommended metallic blades over bright colors for spinners.

"There are fish coming through every day and fish getting caught every day," he said.

Shelter Cove

Russ Thomas of Mario's Marina in Shelter Cove had one word to

encompass fishing conditions: windy. "Someone has turned the wind

machine on and it hasn't turned off yet," Thomas said. "Perch was good

off the jetty this weekend and on the beach."

Rockfish tips

Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips doesn't like to lose any fish, even "hitchhikers."

A fish (often a lingcod) is hitchhiking when it bites down on a

hooked fish and gets pulled up to the surface, because it refuses to

loosen its jaw.

"If the lingcod is not hooked, don't let the lingcod's head break the

water. He will let go," Mitchell said. "Gaff him before he breaks the


Fishing guide contacts:

Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips at 707-464-8482; Reel Steel

Sport Fishing at 707-499-492 or Redwood Coast

Fishing at (707) 601-8757.

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