Robert Husseman, The Triplicate

Tsunami Sirens open bout on a 59-2 run, beat Angry Beavers

In roller derby, two designated skaters known as jammers score points for their teams by passing members of the opposing team around the track. The first jammer through the pack is awarded "lead jammer" status, enabling her to control the length of a period, known as a jam.

The Tsunami Sirens got their jammers out in front of the pack early and often Saturday night, defeating the Redding Angry Beavers 146-75 in front of about 350 fans at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

The Sirens had the lead jammer in 16 of the 17 jams in the 30-minute

first half, scoring the bout's first 22 points and running out to a

91-27 lead.

"Jammer/blocker awareness" was strong throughout the bout, according to Siren Macy "Macebomm" Bommelyn.

"Just knowing where I'm at, where I'm going," said Bommelyn, who

scored 10 points in the bout. "We held our lines, we held walls, we took

care of business."

Danielle "Ragin' Reg" Arispe racked up two grand slams - passing all

four opposing blockers and the opposing jammer - in the game's third jam

and another in the sixth jam. The Sirens led 36-2 after six jams before

Caryn "Sconnie" Lawson put on the jammer's cap.

Sirens coach Jack "Old Xchool" Gollaher called for an

outside-to-inside sweep play (not unlike a football jet sweep) meant to

free up Lawson.

The play worked to perfection. The Sirens' blocking sprung Lawson

time and again as she skated around the flat track with little

resistance. A five-woman pile-up left three Angry Beavers on the floor

at one point, giving Lawson additional points.

Lawson finished the two-minute jam (the maximum time allowed within

each period) with 23 points, including four grand slams, the highest

single-jam point total in the bout.

Sirens 59, Angry Beavers 2.

"It's nice to see Sconnie get a good jam," Gollaher said. "She's taking some real beatings, and she keeps coming back."

Shelley "Auntie Virus" Palmer recorded the Sirens' final grand slam

of the first half, and Arispe and Chloe "Ole Chole" Joesten ended the

half with consecutive four-point jams.

The second half of the bout grew increasingly physical and

contentious, with the tempo slowed significantly. The Angry Beavers

gained back a measure of control but never seriously threatened the

Sirens' lead.

"Coach was really wanting us to try to have control and slow the pack

down," Sirens blocker Bridget "Killa B" Lacey said. "In the first half,

we were testing the waters. In the second half, we played our game."

Lacey, Arispe and Adrianna "Full Metal Jackie" Stefko, the Sirens'

three best blockers, exerted that control with greater intensity over

the course of the second half. The Angry Beavers accrued four grand

slams in the second half but also went scoreless in five of the 16

second-half jams.

Gollaher was pleased with the fundamental play of his team.

"We teach the girls to hit with the shoulder blade (inside the

opposing woman's shoulder)," he said. "Those are shoulder blocks. It's a

very effective block. It puts people right on the floor."

The Sirens had six grand slams of their own in the second half,

including four by Joesten in the final jam of the game, which went the

full allotted two minutes with the outcome long since decided.

"All credit to Redding - they're a new team, just getting going," Gollaher said. "They never quit."

The Sirens improved their overall record to 3-2 on the season, with

their next bout scheduled July 14 against Shasta Roller Derby at the Del

Norte County Fairgrounds.

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