Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

Severe storms in the past week kept rivers on the rise and most fishermen off the water, but without any heavy rainfall in the forecast, a handful of rivers like the Smith should come back in time for the weekend.

Many other regional rivers will be blown out for a while.

Smith River

The rocky watershed of the Smith River makes it one of the first and fastest rivers to drop to fishable levels.

Fishing guides predicted that the Smith might be low enough for plunking for steelhead today and Friday, and possibly low enough for side-drifting from the forks this weekend.

The National Weather Service predicts the Smith will drop to 9 to 12 feet this weekend at the Jed Smith gauge - a more than 10-foot drop from the river's 22.37-foot peak early Wednesday morning.

Fishing guide Jim Mitchell recommended plunking once the river gets that "olive color."Fish close to the bank on the inside edge of river bends where fish like to travel, Mitchell recommended.

Quarter-sized, orange and chartreuse spin-n-glos with a small piece of roe and enough weight to keep the rig in place should do the trick, Mitchell said.

Klamath/Trinity rivers

After being blown out for a few days, sections of the upper Trinity River opened back up for some steelhead fishing.

In the Lewiston area near Junction City and Douglas City, fishing guide Ed Duggan predicted the river would be low enough to target steelies.

The Trinity River below Weaver Creek will be blown out for a few more days. A high-flowing Klamath River was unfishable from the I-5 bridge down to the mouth.

Fishing guide Steve Huber reported that his groups have been getting two to eight steelhead per trip on the Trinity River when it's fishable.

Chetco River

This river should drop below 4,000 cubic feet per second, becoming fishable by Saturday morning.

Fishing guide contacts: E.B. Duggan, "D" Fishing Guide at 530-629-3554 or via e-mail at; Steve Huber's Guide Service at 530-623-1918; Jim Mitchell of Gotcha Hooked Fish Trips at 707-464-8482.

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