Robert Husseman, The Triplicate

The Promote Our Pool Foundation, Crescent City Swim Club and Wild Rivers Coast Masters swim club are hosting an All Comers Swim Meet this Saturday at Fred Endert Municipal Pool.

Wild Rivers Coast Masters swim club director Dan Gray, one of the meet's organizers, would prefer that people focused on the first two words, rather than the last two.

"People hear the word swim 'meet' and some people go, 'Oh God, I'm not going to compete.'" Gray says. "I don't use the word 'compete.' I use the word 'participate.' It's all about heart and desire more than speed and ability."

The meet is designed to express support for Endert Pool and encourage people seeking to live a healthy lifestyle to try swimming, Gray said in an e-mail. Children and adults of all ages may participate, and swimmers may bring any equipment necessary for participation.

"We're very open to snorkels or anything that would enable people to swim," says Promote Our Pool Foundation director Susan Roberts.

The meet will be as competitive, Roberts says, as its participants decide it will be for them.

"The whole idea is to get out there and have fun," she says.

Registration will begin at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday and conclude at noon. The swim meet will formally begin at 12:30 p.m.

Standard pool fees ($3.50 for kids ages 7andndash;17 and seniors ages 60 and up and $4 for adults ages 18andndash;59) must be paid to participate in the meet. Punch cards will be accepted at the door.

Contested events are as follows: 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard freestyle, 50-yard breaststroke, 100-yard breaststroke, 50-yard backstroke, 100-yard backstroke, 50-yard butterfly, 100-yard butterfly, 200-yard individual medley, 200-yard individual medley relay, 200-yard freestyle relay and 400-yard freestyle relay.

There will also be "family relay" events for families or groups wanting to swim together. Swimmers may enter three events of their choosing and any relays.

Raffles will also be held for an iPad and a one-hour pool party rental.

For more information, contact Dan Gray at 541-890-5483.