Robert Husseman, The Triplicate

The Tsunami Sirens roller derby squad has seen an uptick in participation in recent weeks, as new skaters have entered the fold.

Two of the new skaters are nonetheless familiar faces.

One of the Sirens' founders, Skylar "Stormy Seize" Renwick, and one of the Sirens' first recruited skaters, Andrea "Demo-Licious Drea" McCovey, will participate in the Sirens' bout Saturday at 6 p.m. against the Jefferson State Maidens of Mayhem in Yreka. The bout will take place at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds' main building.

Renwick broke her left leg on January 11, 2011 and was forced to stay off it for three months. As she prepared to rejoin the team, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son in July 2012. She participated in two bouts with the Sirens before her injury and pregnancy.

Nonetheless, the pull of the flat track was irresistible.

"It's kind of like my baby and my second job I don't get paid for," Renwick said. "These are my friends. Even if I'm not skating, I'm feeling like I need to be involved.

McCovey tore the meniscus in her left knee and broke her tailbone, preventing her from practicing and bouting over the past couple of years. She gave birth to a son in February 2012.

McCovey hoped to work the Saturday bout as a non-skating official but passed a series of conditioning tests, enabling her to compete.

"I'm trying to make it on the roster for the rest of the season," McCovey said. "It's a good stress reliever. I need it."

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