Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Fumbles kept victory out of the Warriors' reach as they dropped the second out of the first three games of the season.

Scoring on the game's first drive, the Warriors offense came out to play but did little else to help the team's cause Friday night on the Shasta Wolves' home turf in Redding.

The Warriors had four turnovers - three fumbles and an interception.

They gained 205 total yards in a 29-12 loss to the Wolves.

The Warriors began with a hard-nosed drive for six points on a Chad Bell run up the middle from 3 yards out. The offense swallowed about eight minutes of the first quarter with 17 plays starting from their 20-yard line.

The Warriors kept the momentum, forcing the Wolves into a three-and-out drive; then the tide shifted.

The Wolves pounced on two opportunities.

Bell had the ball stripped from him as he ran up the middle on the first play after a Wolves punt.

Three plays later, Shasta scored on a 12-yard pass from Bailey Odell to Josh Rubideaux.

Odell sent the kickoff 9 yards into the end zone, forcing a touchback. A mishandle on a pitch from Pease to Carpenter resulted in a fumble that was run back by Wolves player Matt Pappas for another six points.

The Wolves failed a two-point conversion, leading to a 13-6 score heading into the second quarter.

The Wolves were the first to strike in the second quarter after a 7-play, 57-yard drivethat ended with a 7-yard run by Senior Jake Callaway.

A 2-point conversion took the score to a 21-6 lead by the Wolves.

Warriors answered back with a 9-play 80-yard drive. Bell scored a run from five yards out.

The Warriors missed the field goal, taking the scoreboard to 21-12 as the teams headed toward the locker room after the first half.

The Warriors defense - the silver lining in the team's loss - opened the second held by holding Shasta to another three and out.

Senior Steve Maready muffed the punt, leading to a Wolves recovery. The Warriors prevented the Wolves from capitalizing.

The offense failed to capitalize on the stop, but backed the Wolves to their 20 on a quick-kick punt.

Four plays later, following a delay of game penalty, Callawayran up the middle, then out to the left for a 64-yard touchdown closing out the 3rd quarter with a 27-12 lead.

Quarterback Dylan Pease threw an interception that ricocheted off the helmet of a receiver, bouncing back toward the line of scrimmage and landing into the hands of a Wolves nose guard.

The Wolves drove to the goal line, but the Warriors defense was able to keep them from scoring. It ended up resulting in a safety after junior Anthony Jackson could not get past the front line.

The Warriors (1-2) head to Eureka for a Humboldt-Del Norte Big 5 League game.

The Del Norte JV squad lost a high-scoring game to Shasta 42-34.

Freshman Chee Shorty ran for a pair of touchdowns.

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