The Del Norte boys soccer season ended on Wednesday in Arcata with a 7-0 loss to the Tigers.

Arcata proved to be too good for Del Norte, jumping out to a 4-0 lead in the first half and tacking on three more goals in the second.

"The boys put up a good fight, but we are still not at the level of those top teams yet," said head coach David Sanyaolu.

Senior goalkeeper Niano Santos and senior forward Jesus Herrera shined in their last soccer game in a Warrior uniform.

"Our keeper was excellent," Sanyaolu said. "Without him, they would have had a lot more goals. Herrera was also spectacular as always. I want to appreciate everybody, but especially those two guys."

Although the boys have struggled to win many matches this season, Sanyaolu believes the team is still moving in a positive direction.

"Team spirits have improved and we have had a very good level of discipline this year," he said.

The Warriors have worked hard this year, but Sanyaolu would like to see the underclassmen continue to work to improve for next season.

"I appreciate the boys for all their effort," Sanyaolu said. "They always put up a good fight every time. Just sometimes, it is not enough. We are still lacking some fundamentals, so that is what we are hoping to improve for next year."

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