There was little doubt who the best volleyball player in the Humboldt-Del Norte Big 5 League was in the 2013 season.

Del Norte senior hitter Kaitlyn Clemann was one of two nominees for the award, and she was a unanimous selection as the league's Most Valuable Player.

"Nobody down there wants to give Del Norte an MVP, and Kaitlyn was voted unanimously as the MVP. To me that stands out," said Del Norte head coach Pablo Lorenzi.

"Teams just didn't want to see her get the ball because she was going to try to crush it every time," Lorenzi said.

Clemann may have been the only person in the league who didn't see the award coming her way.

"It is really exciting. I wasn't expecting it," Clemann said before basketball practice on Friday. "It is nice to know that my hard work paid off."

As far as Lorenzi is concerned, it couldn't have happened to a better person.

"She is a great kid, and not just on the volleyball court," Lorenzi said. "She is a good kid. She preforms academically, and she is just a good person."

Clemann also received a White Star, along with senior Ashton Smedley and junior Kayla Costello.

Clemann put in a lot more work this year in the preseason than she had ever done previously.

"My junior year, I didn't go to the weight room all summer, but I dedicated myself to the weight room this summer and got a lot stronger," Clemann said. "I think that helped throughout the whole season."

That hard work paid dividends for Clemann, especially late in matches.

"It made me a more consistent player," Clemann said. "I was able to stick through three or five games if we needed it, more consistently than I did as a junior."

Clemann has been a potent offensive weapon throughout her career with the Warriors, but as a senior, she showcased her defensive prowess as well.

"She picked up her defensive game, so she was an all around player this year. She wasn't just a hitter, she was a good defensive player too."

Clemann's strong senior campaign has gotten her on the radar of a couple college programs. She is planning a trip to visit the Humboldt State campus and meet the coaches next month. Portland State has also requested game tape of Clemann.

"I definitely want to play in college," she said. "I have all my options open right know and there is nothing really definite, but I definitely want to play somewhere. I am looking more into it."

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