Triplicate Staff

If you're a pro football fan and a Dish Network customer in Del Norte, you're in for some frustration this weekend.

This is one of the areas - there are many nationwide - where the satellite provider is locked in a dispute with TV networks over the cost of programming.

Dish currently is not providing ABC and Fox programming to its Del Norte viewers, and the latter will be particularly frustrating for pro football fans barring a sudden resolution of the dispute.

Rooting for the 49ers? Their date in Green Bay at 1:40 p.m. Sunday could be played in the coldest conditions in NFL playoff history. And it's on Fox.

Most NFC games will be on Fox, including both games next weekend and the conference championship Jan. 19.

The current dispute is just one battle in an escalating TV war over retransmission compensation as the owners of network affiliates demand more money for their programming from cable and satellite companies.

In general, those companies are currently paying far more for cable channels such as ESPN than they do for the traditional networks.