Tsunami Sirens open season with first ever victory over sister program, Humboldt Roller Girls

The student has become the teacher.

The Tsunami Sirens opened the 2014 roller derby season on Saturday with a 169-160 victory at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds over Humboldt Roller Derby, the sister program that helped the North Coast Roller Derby get off the ground in Crescent City a few years ago.

"It is not a nationally ranked game, but for our spirits and for how hard we worked it is pretty exciting and motivating," said Siren Adrianna "Full Metal Jackie" Stefko. "I really hope that some of our newer skaters were able to learn something from that experience. I believe they are in their sixth or seventh season and we are in our third."

It was the third time that the Tsunami Sirens have faced Humboldt Roller Derby skaters. The first bout came in 2011, before the Sirens' first full season.

"I think we lost significantly, I couldn't even tell you what the score was," Stefko said. "That was a really rough bout."

Last year, the Sirens closed the gap considerably, taking the Widow Makers, Humboldt Roller Derby's B team, into overtime. In overtime, one of the Siren jammers was sent to the box and the Widow Makers went on to win 153-142.

This year, the Tsunami Sirens faced a mixed team of skaters from both the Widow Makers and their A team, the Redwood Rollers.

"This was kind of a big deal for us, starting out the season with Humboldt Roller Derby," Stefko said. "It was kind of exciting to play against some of their big names. We were all pretty excited."

The Sirens also had a few friends from other roller derbies in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties skate with them in the bout.

"We had a short roster, so we borrowed some girls," Stefko said.

Less than four years ago, Crescent City was just starting to kick around the idea for a roller derby. In the summer of 2010, the Humboldt Roller Derby hosted a question-answer session for people interested in order to help make the North Coast Roller Derby a reality.

Three members of the Humboldt Roller Derby returned to Crescent City in April 2010 to run the Sirens boot camp.

Stefko said all three of the women that taught the boot camp were in attendance on Saturday. One of them, known as "McNasty" on the track, was skating against the Sirens.

Reports from the Humboldt Roller Derby said that Redwood Acres Fairgrounds reached its loudest decibel level ever on Saturday in the increasingly competitive rivalry bout.

"That building was insane. I believe it was sold out, and it was crazy," Stefko said. "There were a lot of people from Crescent City in the crowd though. I could see a lot of Siren stuff, and our fans were crazy and loud."

With fans from both sides yelling full throat, the players on both teams were giving it their all.

"We fought so hard," Stefko said. "We were all so pooped afterwards. 'Coach Old Xchool' and 'Ragin' Reg' were both just ecstatic. It was a pretty awesome experience."

The Sirens next bout will take place on Feb. 22 against the SINtral Valley Derby Girls team The Sinners. It will be the Sirens first bout this year at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

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