Tsunami Sirens protect their home track with a 218-111 victory over SINtral Valley

The night ended with the Tsunami Sirens running away from the visiting SINtral Valley Sinners on Saturday in the Del Norte County Fairgrounds main building.

By the end of the bout, the Sirens had nearly doubled the Sinners' score with a 218-111 final score. Early in the bout, however, it looked as though the Sinners might run away with a win.

The Sirens trailed by as many as 31 points in the first half, and trailed by 15 at halftime.

SINtral Valley came to Del Norte with one of the biggest and most physical rosters that the Sirens have seen.

"It is really strange to play against girls my size, because I am kind of a big girl, but man they had some big players," Stefko said. "I found out afterwards that one of them played tackle football. I think we definitely held our own out there though."

Although the Sirens were able to counter the size and strength of the Sinners' line, the Sirens fell behind early, in large part due to spending too much time in the penalty box.

"We really had some troubles with penalties," said Adrianna "Full Metal Jackie" Stefko. "A lot of the time when we are in trouble score-wise, we will leave our best blockers out there. The more tired you get, the more you put yourself out there for more penalties. I thought it was a pretty evenly called game, but we always have had troubles with penalties. That is something we have struggled with in the past."

After halftime, the Sirens came storming back and regained the lead less than halfway through the second half and continued to pull away late.

"We were just able to get our heads back together.," Stefko said. "When we have people that break up our gameplan, its really hard to refocus. We were just able to get it back together."

The Sirens did encounter a serious setback against the Sinners when Bridget "Killa B" Lacey, who has been with the Sirens since their inception, went down with a broken foot.

After the Sirens kicked the night off with a win, the Elitist Scumbags took to the track against the Co-Ed Clippers for the second game.

It was the first bout ever for the Elitist Scumbags, who Stefko described as a pick-up team featuring several Sirens and their roller derby friends.

Stefko and Danielle "Ragin' Reg" Arispe skated for both the Sirens and the Sumbags.

"It was a little exhausting," Stefko said. "Reg and I just had to shake it off and get back out there. We were over on the sidelines using the roller to roll the knots out of our legs and stretch them out. It was fun though."

Sirens line coach Joe "Sloppy Joe" Arispe also skated for the Scumbags along with skaters from Sonoma and Medicino Counties and a skater from Sacramento.

"Co-ed bouts are always so fast and hard-hitting," Stefko said. "It seems a lot faster of a game when you play with men."

The Sirens will have over a month to prepare for their next bout on March 29 when they travel north to Salem, Ore., to take on The Boneyard Brawlers.

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