The Men's United States Bowling Congress-Crescent City Bowling Association Open tournament came to a close March 2 at Tsunami Lanes.

The tournament included team, singles and doubles competitions. Fourteen teams squared off and there were 100 sessions of bowling between the singles and doubles competition.

"We had some terrific bowling," said tournament organizer Hank Northrip. "We paid out $936 from the prize fund with all the different events. The bowling alley also made $900."

Jeff Newton was the star of the tournament. He won the singles event with a score of 735. Newton also shot a 758 in the doubles competition as he and James Haban took first place with a score of 1446.

Newton ended up as the top overall finisher with a combined score of 2,072 in all events. Adam Taylor was right on his heels, finishing second with 2,051 after taking third in singles and second in doubles with Chris Fischer.

"In the singles and doubles, Jeff Newton just bowled out of his mind," Northrip said. "He is actually the second-highest handicap for the whole bowling alley. He asked me before we got started, 'What do I have to go and get in order to win?' And I said, 'I don't know, probably a couple 700s.' I was just kidding with him, but he went out and shot two 700s."

The Crescent City Bowling Association was pleased with how things went, but organizers are hoping too see some growth in future years.

"We were satisfied, except we didn't have enough participants," Northrip said. "We would love to have four times that amount in every event."

The Women's United States Bowling Congress-Crescent City Bowling Association Open is currently under way with the first group of teams having bowled Tuesday. Singles and doubles competition will take place over the weekend at Tsunami Lanes with team competition wrapping up Monday.