Local Farmer's Insurance Agent Adam Taylor has been bowling well over the last month. He placed second overall in the Men's United States Bowling Congress-Crescent City Bowling Association Open and followed that up on Friday, March 7, by tying his career high score of 300 - a perfect game.

"I have been playing really well for the last month or so," Taylor said. "I shot a 290 about three weeks ago, so I knew that I was close at that point, then sure enough I got it last week."

Taylor, who said he had bowled a 300 roughly 12 years ago in his hometown of Brookings, got his second perfect game in the middle of the Friday Night Matchup League while bowling for Crescent Car Stereo.

Although most of the crowd at Tsunami Lanes had their own games to play, Taylor quickly became the center of attention.

"Everybody in the upper half of the house was yelling and clapping," Taylor said. "They kept coming by hugging me and high fiving me. Really, the congratulations haven't stopped. It is just awesome here (at Tsunami Lanes). You really couldn't have a good score in a better place. There is no end to the good bodies here."

A perfect game requires 12 strikes in a row. Taylor's perfect game was just the second of the year at Tsunami Lanes. Greg Dillon bowled the other at the start of league play. There have been just three perfect games in Del Norte since 2011 according to Crescent City Bowling association president Hank Northrip.

"Bowling is a game where you just put the ball in the pocket," Taylor said. "You do it over and over and sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. I got them that day."