Tsunami Sirens move to 2-1 after a 230-111 loss to the Boneyard Brawlers

The North Coast Roller Derby made the decision it wanted to play tougher competition in 2014. That is why the Tsunami Sirens traveled to Cherry City on Saturday, falling 230-111 to the Boneyard Brawlers.

"They are a tough team," said blocker Danielle "Ragin' Reg" Arispe. "They are very experienced. Everybody on their team has skated at least two years."

The Sirens, meanwhile, had two women skate in their first-ever bout and two more make a return to the track for the first time this season.

Despite the gap in experience, the Sirens thought that they were able to hold their own in the bout.

"The other team told us afterwards that they didn't feel like they won by 100 points," Arispe said. "It was a hard-hitting game. It was pretty exciting."

Arispe thought the Sirens' blockers played especially good defense in the bout.

Offensively, the Sirens were led by Ana "Autopsyana" Jaime, who skated 13 of the 39 jams and scored 43 points for the Sirens.

Jaime was voted as the Tsunami Sirens' MVP by the fans. It was the first time she had earned MVP honors this season. Last year, Jaime earned a captain's award in her first bout.

"I think I won MVP because I was keeping a positive attitude on the track. I was very quick and always moving my feet," Jaime said. "There was never a time when I was stalling out there."

Although the Sirens felt good overall with how they skated, the bout did help to identify some areas that the team will need to work on throughout the season.

"We are learning that we need to develop more jammers and we need to play more offense as blockers," Arispe said. "We are going to have to kick it up a notch in practice if we want to come home with a win against a team like that."

Jamie, who is in her second year with the team, credits her improvement to her teammates and what they have taught her in practice.

"It is just about coming to practice, learning from the tougher skaters, challenging myself, learning and applying it to the newbies," Jaime said. "Practice will make perfect."

The Sirens will be back on the track on April 12 when they make their return to Crescent City against the Resurrection Roller Girls team, Combustin' Betties.

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