It really seems like it was not that long ago that I was a student at Del Norte High School, but when I count the years it is 63 years since I wore the blue and gold of the Warriors.

I am one of the fortunate ones that also got to wear the red and white for my freshman, sophomore, and junior years and the present blue and gold as a senior.

One of my Warrior experiences I remember the most is my time as a member of the "D" club.

The "D" club was a student group made up of varsity lettermen. The only requirement for membership was earning a varsity letter in any sport. Since there were no girls interscholastic sports back then, the club was all-male.

The group was responsible for helping at many school activities, but two things I remember most was our annual Barn Dance, which was a Sadie Hawkins affair where the girls asked the boys for a date. It was always a big success.

The other was the Boxing Smokers that were put on my last two years as a Warrior. These were started by a new coach who arrived in my junior year, Chuck Deautremont, and were an event to raise funds to support athletic events.

I still remember one of the crazy things we did to promote one of the Smokers in my senior year. We had a student named Pat Prickett who had obtained his pilot's license, so we rented an airplane and talked Pat into donating his service to fly the plane.

We had hundreds of leaflets printed, took them up in the plane and dropped them all over Del Norte County. I am sure we made a big mess, but the Smoker was a complete sellout.

Pat went on to become a very successful professional pilot. He was a great classmate.

I will always look back at my "D" Club friends with fond feelings. It is a privilege to be an ex-Warrior player, an ex-Warrior coach and a lifelong Warrior fan.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.