The Tsunami Sirens ran away with the win in its rematch with the Comustin' Betties on Saturday.

Just one year ago, the Betties beat the Sirens by 40 points in Rohnert Park. It was a different story in Crescent City as the Sirens jumped out to a 100-15 lead nine minutes into the first half and ran away with a 248-72 roller derby victory.

"What a shocker," said Siren co-captain Elizabeth "TeacHer Some Respect" Calleja. "I thought it was going to be a little bit more competitive, but it was fun. We got to try out a lot of things that we wouldn't have gotten to try in a closer bout. All of our skaters got a lot of time."

Calleja thought the home crowd made a big difference but thought it also showed how far the team has come in one season.

"We have also been working really hard for the last year since we lost to them," Calleja said.

It was the first home bout for Jenn "JennZilla" Longrie and Kasey "ColdKase" Bell. It was the first bout ever for Katie "CryBaby" Creed, who joined the North Coast Roller Derby about seven months ago.

"It was crazy, just crazy," Creed said. "There is so much going on. It is just crazy. That is the only way I can explain it."

The junior roller derby, recently named the Tsunami Killers, was also introduced for the first time at the fairgrounds. They brought in the American flag and were introduced with their derby names at halftime.

"Hopefully at our next bout, we will be able to bring out the juniors to do a little mini-scrimmage or something," Calleja said. "They weren't quite there yet though, because we just started up with them in March."