Seeing Kayla Costello's name appear on the sports page as a starter on the girls volleyball, basketball and track teams reminded me that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Costello name being a part of Warrior history.

With the opening of the 1974 Warrior football season Jim Costello, Kayla's grandfather, took over as the head football coach for the Warriors. The team he took over was an interesting group because it included five players who went on to coach Warrior teams in either football or basketball.

Louis Nova went on to become one of the most successful football coaches in Warrior history. He coached undefeated teams at both varsity and junior varsity levels.

Bill McGuire worked one season as defensive coach for the Warriors before joining the school district staff in an administrative position.

Bill Loftin, Bill Lund and Jim Lund all went on to coach in the Warrior basketball program.

Jim Costello and wife Frances have two sons who have been great Warriors, Jason and Eric. Both were outstanding football and basketball players.

Jason, who is Kayla's father, helps in our youth programs, and Jason is also well known as a driving instructor. He has taught many of our youths their driving skills.

Eric, the younger of the two boys, was an outstanding football player. He went first to Shasta College and then on to a college in Texas where he had an outstanding career as a defensive player. Eric and his dad Jim were both inducted into the Shasta College Athletic Hall of Fame for their football careers there.

Eric was also recently inducted into the Del Norte High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

This whole family is fun to know, not only for their athletic contributions, but also for their many contributions to our community, and we can look forward to many more exciting years with this great family.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.