A short time after I started writing these columns I was asked at a football game if the Warriors ever had a fight song.

I said yes, I can remember the tune, but only some of the words. I decided to find a former Warrior that had the words and sure enough a 1952 Warrior grad, Betty Kelly Young, was able to provide me with the whole song.

A short time later I was substitute teaching in the leadership class at the high school and a discussion about old Warrior traditions came up. It is always fun for this old Warrior grad to look back at the way it was and compare it with the way it is now.

I brought up the old Warrior fight song that had long been lost. I remember well the whole student body singing the whole song to end every pep rally.

After some discussion the class thought it would be great if I would sing the song at a current pep rally. I declined as my voice is like a crow with a sore throat. It would be fun to see some former Warrior with some singing talent whoremembers the tune to revisit this old Warrior tradition.

If you want to start practicing here are the words:

Faithful and true hearted let us boast for our old High.

We revere her and defend her as her colors proudly fly.

We will stand for her united, of her deeds we gladly tell.

Her colors streaming, glad faces beaming we will cheer for her that we all love so well.

Joyous and ever loyal let our boast for our old high.

Let every heart sing let every voice ring, there's no time to grieve or sigh.

Onward our course pursuing may defeat no're our ardor cool for united we will boast for our old high school.

I still find myself humming this tune. I will always be a Warrior, old times, middle times and new. Del Norte High School is a special place.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.