10 senior swimmers earn 38 ribbons in final meet in Redding

The Crescent City Swim Club brought home way more than their fair share of ribbons from the Fun Oak Aquatic Racing (FOAR) Early Bird Qualifier. Crescent City sent 10 of its most experienced swimmers to Redding on May 17-18, and the club returned with 38 ribbons.

The club had nine first-place finishes, eight second-place finishes, sixth third-place finishes, four fourth-place finishes, three fifth-place finishes, four sixth-place finishes and four seventh-place finishes. Only the top eight finishers in each event and age group got a ribbon.

Crescent City Swim Club president Lana Walker said that there were between 30 and 40 kids competing in each division in most of the events.

"It was a huge swim meet, so the fact that we placed first through eighth 38 times is pretty good," Walker said.

The swim club also had four swimmers reach their 'A' times based on the Sierra Nevada Standards.

"Everybody starts out at 'C.' That's just the way it is," Walker said. "Once you work hard at it, you drop down to 'B' times. That is as far as most kids ever get before they move up to the next age group. If you keep working hard sometimes kids will move up to 'A,' but that is about as high as they ever go."

That was not the case in Redding, however. The C.C. Swim Club had two girls reach 'AA' times in Abby Walker and Marissa, whose parents asked that her last name not be used.

Lana Walker said the club has only had one other swimmer reach 'AA' in at least the last 10 years. Abby Walker also swam a 'AAA' time at the FOAR Early Bird, becoming the first swimmer to Lana Walker's knowledge to do so.

The swim meet was the last of the fall season, which runs from mid-September until the end of May, for the Crescent City Swim Club. The pool in Redding is a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, which added to the excitement of the meet.

"It is one of our favorite meets," Walker said. "It is really well run, it has beautiful facilities and with a 50-meter pool it is a good opportunity for the kids to shine with their strokes."

The swim club went to a total of three meets as a team this year, though Walker said swimmers are free to attend swim meets "unattached" any weekend. Walker said the roster generally fluctuates throughout the fall season but there were generally between 20 and 30 kids on the team at any give time this year. The 10 that went to Redding were the club's most experienced swimmers.