Shorthanded Sirens run into hard hitting Folsom Prison Bruisers in 360-60 loss Saturday

The Tsunami Sirens couldn't catch a break this Saturday in Sacramento as the Folsom Prison Bruisers ran roughshod over the Sirens 360-60.

"We got into a really strange circumstance," said head coach Jack "Coach Old Xchool" Gollaher. "Everything just fell apart and (the Bruisers) had a great game. They really played well."

The Sirens squared off against the Bruiser's B team, but Gollaher said that they brought down three blockers and a jammer from their A team, which is currently ranked 39 in the nation, according to Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

Meanwhile, the Sirens were skating three skaters short due to several injuries to the team's jammers.

"I can't take anything away from the other team," Gollaher said. "They played to their advantage and they played it well."

The Bruiser's blockers in particular caused problems for the Sirens all night long.

"They were taking our jammers and literally cleaning their clocks from the middle of the track," Gollaher said. "Our jammers would be going through the middle, almost out of the pack, when out of nowhere a blocker would come up and take their lane away and another one would come up and hit them out of bounds. They were really doing it well and they were faster than our jammers."

Early in the bout, the Sirens were able to keep the score respectable.

"I had to take (Ana) Autopsy'ana (Jaime) and put her against their best jammer," Gollaher said. "That kind of neutralizes them. That worked out really well and in the first period we were only down by 60 points. The problem was we took so many fouls in the period. We had three skaters in foul trouble going into the second period, so we were left with even fewer skaters."

Although it was a tough night for the Sirens, Gollaher saw a couple things for the team to work on before their next bout. Most importantly, that means picking up the team's overall intensity.

"What I came away with is that we weren't hitting them hard enough," Gollaher said. "My girls are afraid to hit each other like they would hit in a bout, but if you don't practice with that intensity, you don't have it. You can't wait until you are in a bout. It's the same way in football, hockey or any other contact sport. You have to learn to face up."

The Sirens will be back in action on June 21 when they host Sierra Regional Roller Derby at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

Gollaher said he is hoping to have some of his injured skaters back by then. The Sirens could also be welcoming three of the newbies onto the roster soon.

"They have run their 27 and five (27 laps in five minutes). As a general rule that is the hardest test that they have to pass," Gollaher said. "I think Maggie Sanders is ready to start testing. The sooner I get her through the testing she can start skating. She could be a really good one. Time will tell."