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Minus tides promise lots of razor clams, river and lake trout a possible alternative to ocean

It's a common occurrence to have the wind and resulting high seas put summer ocean fishing on hold for a few days, but this is ridiculous.

High winds have kept most of the North Coast angling community from fishing the ocean since last week and gale conditions are expected to continue across much of the northwest California coastal waters through the middle of next week.

It's the longest stretch of windy weather that many anglers have seen in years.

There are still some inland opportunities for cutthroat trout and once the wind finally calms down, good fishing is expected.

Another round of clam tides

A long stretch of minus tides will start on Tuesday, which is certain to bring clammers out to South Beach in droves. South Beach has provided easy limits of razor clams this year so far when conditions allow.The minus tides will last through Wednesday, June 18.

Twenty razor clams per person are allowed.

Ocean fishing

The wind has kept most anglers from fishing for salmon and bottom fish for more than a week, and 16 foot waves at 10 seconds are predicted for Saturday.Conditions aren't expected to improve until the middle of next week.

"It's just nasty out there," said Capt. Craig Strickhouser of Tally Ho II Sportfishing. "The fish are just waiting for us."

Cutthroat trout

While the wind is keeping anglers from going after the big ocean fish, it's a good time to cast for cutthroat trout in the Smith River and Lake Earl.

Cutthroat fishing on the Smith has been open since May 24, and two cutthroat are allowed per day with a minimum size of 10 inches. Only barbless hooks and artificial lures are allowed until Aug. 31.

Lake Earl is open for fishing all year, and bait is allowed.Two cutthroat are allowed per day with a minimum size of 10 inches.

Leonard Carter, of Englund Marine Supply Co. in Crescent City said that some nice cutthroat have been caught in the Smith recently using spinners.

Chetco River cutthroat

There have been a fair amount of cutthroat trout caught on the Chetco River so far this season, according to Roland Robertson of Chetco Outdoor Store, but not too many over 16 inches.

Fishing Contacts: Tally Ho II Sportfishing at 707-464-1236; Englund Marine Supply Co. at 707-464-3230; Chetco Outdoor Store 541-469-9151; Reel Steel Sportfishing at 707-499-4925.

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