The Tsunami Sirens suffered a rare loss in the friendly confines of the Del Norte County Fairgrounds on Saturday. The Sirens lost 172-141 to Sierra Regional Roller Derby, falling to 3-3 overall this season. It was North Coast Roller Derby's first loss at home this season.

Sierra started out strong, grabbing an early lead in the match. Sierra ran a 2-jammer rotation, including "Malice N. Chainz," who gave the Sirens blockers headaches all night long.

Sirens head coach Jack "Coach Old Xchool" Gollaher said his team tried to employ a ladder technique, spreading out to make the jammer have to cover more ground in order to complete the pass. But "Malice N. Chainz" was still able to go off early.

"She is a good skater," Gollaher said. "She is very strong, fast and quick. She was able to pull my lead blockers off the pack without getting a ladder. She was able to blow through the line and get to our last line of defense so fast that we couldn't stop her with our wall."

Sierra went into halftime leading 110-46 and stretched that lead to 155-74 with roughly 15 minutes remaining in the bout.

That's when the Sirens mounted a late surge to get back into the bout.

"I can run my best skaters and beat most teams, but nobody else gets to skate," Gollaher said. "It is a very selfish thing to do."

Gollaher said that the rotation, what he calls a floating rotation, includes the Sirens' top five skaters, and they only come out of the bout when they are tired.

Although Gollaher is reluctant to use that rotation, when the Sirens were staring at an 81-point deficit late at home they decided as a team that it was the way to go.

The Sirens came roaring back in the final 15 minutes, outscoring Sierra 67-17 to close out the game. The bout ended on a 19-point jam from Ana "Autopsyana" Jaime, but the late rally fell 31 points short.

North Coast Roller Derby's next official bout is July 12 in Ridgefield, Wash., against the Storm City Roller Girls. They will be back in the main building at the fairgrounds this weekend, however, as they host Siskiyou for a scrimmage.

In addition to the Sirens skating at about 10 a.m., the North Coast Roller Derby junior team, the Tsunami Killers, will start scrimmaging at 9 a.m.

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