During my time working for the Del Norte Triplicate, I have come across numerous businesses with advertising tag lines directed at our youth.

Some say, "Make a difference: be the first in your family to graduate from high school or college;" or, "You can be the first of your family to get a higher education."

These are wonderful messages and probably inspire a young mind to dream. But what if you struggle in school? What if you don't have that 4.0 GPA?

With college tuition increasing across the nation and the minimum GPA and state testing requirements going up for our high school seniors, universities across the nation are becoming less accessible to our younger generation.

Heck, just the other day I looked at my alma mater, the University of Nevada, to see what I would need to be accepted out of high school. I was sad to see that I wouldn't have made the cut today, if I enrolled with my GPA and test scores during my senior year in 2003.

So, how does one open that slow closing door just enough to "make the grade?"

Golf might offer the leverage you need!

In the world of college golf recruiters, the harsh reality is that grades and testing marks take a back seat to scores. Don't get me wrong, you won't make the cut it you don't make the "grade," but what these recruiters are really looking for are scores.

These scores aren't the 64s you see Tiger Woods shoot at the Masters in Augusta, Ga. and they aren't anywhere near the 67s Michelle Wie shot in the 2014 U.S. Open last month. They are, however, respectable to the college recruiter's "par."

Well, what is this "par" I talk about? Simple! Boys in high school are considered for competitive college scholarships when their scores approach 75andndash;80 and girls are considered when they card something in the range of 85andndash;90.

These scores are very, let me repeat myself; very attainable. With a small amount of proper instruction and a little more work than instruction, anybody can make these scores.

Why not you?

Maybe golf is your first step to becoming the first in your family to go to college and get a higher education. It was for me. Call me and let's get you the leverage you need.

James Haban is an advertising manager at the Del Norte Triplicate. He can be contacted at or at 951-1047.