The annual Warrior Youth Football Camp wrapped up on Wednesday after 32 kids between third and eighth grade (with the exception of one 5-year old) spent three days under the tutelage of 21 varsity and junior varsity players.

From the get-go, the player-coaches took charge of the camp.

"(The coaches) organize things and give them an outline of what to do," said Warrior coach Mike Coopman, who was in charge of the camp. "The player-coaches pretty much took it from there... They drew up their own practice plans and then they impose their own technique, which they have learned at the high school level."

Coopman, who has been helping run the camp for the past four years, said that this year's group of player-coaches did an exceptionally thorough job of teaching the youngsters proper technique.

"They started out with the basic stance and proper technique in every movement," Coopman said. "They really focused on that, which is really neat for me as a high school football coach because that means that they are learning from me and from the program. It was a cool thing to watch."

At the end of camp every day, the campers participated in agility drills and a tire-flipping race called "lineman league." Those were drills that the high school kids just got done competing in at their Gold Beach Football Camp a few weeks ago.

"We coached the kids up at the Gold Beach Camp the technique to win that competition up there and we watched that technique translate right down through the player-coaches to the kids."

Coopman said that relationships the player-coaches build with the future Warriors are visible well after the camp ends each year.

"You will see those kids on Friday nights," Coopman said. "They will pick out their player that taught them at camp, and they are an automatic fan. It also encourages the kids to play under the Friday night lights in the future."

Player-coaches at the camp were Cody Aleron, Adam Kell, Cameron Jones, Austin Healy, Levi Scribner, Michael Levi, Lucas Murphy, Victor de los Santos, Cezar Hernandez, Jacob Leblanc, Ethan King, Dominic Scott, Colton Davis, Napooi Shorty, Anthony Jackson, Humberto Cortez and Chee Shorty.