This is the final column about the 2014 Del Norte Athletic Hall of Fame inductees.

All too often as we watch or talk about football we have a tendency to focus on what coaches refer to as the skill positions - the players who run with the ball or make great catches or the ones who throw the ball.

While these players are fun to watch and talk about, without the tough, talented athletes on the line of scrimmage, these skilled athletes would have a tough time displaying their skills.

John Wier, a 1996 Warrior graduate, was one of those talented players in the trenches who had the privilege of making headlines for the players in the skilled positions.

As a coach you also know that you had better have athletes like John on defense to keep your opponents' skill players from showing off to much.

John started his Warrior varsity football career as a sophomore, helping the 1963 team coached by Tex Gatlin to a 4-4 record. As a junior John helped Hall of Fame Warriors Bob Case and Kim Kellenberg show off their skills.

As a senior his team showed their respect for John by electing him co-captain of the team - a position he shared with Case. I know from experience you never have enough John Wiers on your team.

John was also an excellent track athlete; his size, strength and athletic ability made him outstanding in the weight events. He was referred to as one of the team's muscle men.

Beside participating in sports John also was involved in other activities. He was a member of the "D" Club and the Key Club, served at times on the student senate, and as a junior was elected by his classmates as class vice president.

John and his wife still reside in Crescent City where John has an insurance business. He is the type of person and athlete that coaches love; he is a real classy


Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.