Anybody who has played golf for some extended period of time is all too familiar with this word. It is probably the only suitable four-letter word that has a place on the golf course, but, I am sure others would disagree with me.

The word is "FORE!!!"

I have yelled it at the top of my lungs in fear that my golf ball I teed off might smack somebody right upside the head. I have also been on the other end as an unlucky recipient to a wayward ball flight; perhaps this is where the other four-letter word is appropriate. Maybe not; I don't know.

Nonetheless, how is it that this is the word we use to indicate that "all hell has broken lose and take cover because the wrecking ball (golf ball) is coming your way."

Well, there are many translations to the term "Fore," but I like the original translation from the Scots. Their translation, according to the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, Scotland has the term meaning, "look ahead." It is believed to have started as a military term and translated as "beware before," which would warn infantryman to drop to the ground to avoid the shells overhead shot from artillerymen.

Others believe the term originated from the term "fore-caddy." A "fore-caddy" is a person who goes forward in front of the golfer to help find or assist the golfer after and during their shot towards the flag/hole.

Whatever translation you feel is appropriate is really up to you, but I am certainly happy and thankful we have such a warning call because the golf ball has a mind of its own sometimes.

Until next time, see you on the golf course, Del Norte, and watch out for others!

James Haban is an advertising manager at the Del Norte Triplicate. He can be contacted at or at 951-1047.