Letters: Judge Weir should not havelowered Ehrhardt's bail

August 17, 2007 11:00 pm

After 20 years of living in this community, I am outraged enough to write my first Letter to the Editor with regard to Judge Weir's handling of the Ehrhardt bail reduction hearing.

What kind of reason and compassion was he using when he threatened a grief-stricken young man whose family had just been killed, after he uttered an expletive upon reducing Ehrhardt's bail from $1.5 million to a mere $100,000 for the man who "allegedly" murdered his family?

Was the judge just bowing to community pressure? It must have been so impressive to read those letters about what a good man that "alleged" drunk is.

I wonder, would any of the dying and injured have been helped if the "dazed," "alleged" head-on killer had run in the correct direction instead of "into the bushes?"

Isn't everyone sick of the word "alleged?" There isn't that much room on Dr. Fine Bridge.

If he is out on bail already, I pray that none of my friends and family find themselves on the road at the same time that he is.

T.R. Berry

Crescent City