Letters: Strom, a loving family man, was just defending himself

August 13, 2007 11:00 pm

With regard to Brian Strom's case, I have known Brian Strom for years. Some of the years go back to when I lived in Santa Rosa. He lived on the same block as me. I knew him for eight years then.

He got my son, 36, and me to move to his home town, Klamath, where his lovely family lived. He is a very loving man. All the years here he has never been in any trouble.

For Brian to run when three officers used a taser five or six times on dog wounds is an outright outrage ("Local man assaults officers," July 24).

He was only trying to defend himself by fighting three officers.

He is a good person, never been in any trouble and should not have received such a beating.

What officers do to catch a man, especially for a loud muffler.


Mary C. Napoli