Letters: Police acted inappropriatelyin chase, arrest of Strom

August 08, 2007 11:00 pm

Pray tell Chief Plack, what on earth is a "low speed chase?" Is that something that necessitates Crescent City police officers smashing their cruisers into vehicles containing five children, then putting them in handcuffs? ("Local man assaults officers" July 24).

No local icon personifies the abusive mentality at work in our community bureaucracy and police agencies like the big green sign on the north edge of town. It announces that Crescent City's population is 8,000-plus.

What it doesn't tell visitors, is that if the figure is to be believed, then our city has per capita, more murderers, rapists, drug cartel kingpins, pedophiles and so on than any other city in the world.

Why the entire inmate population of Pelican Bay Penitentiary is included in Crescent City's population figure has to do with local political sleaze involving state largesse and the sucking up of as much money as possible from California taxpayers who don't even live here.

This "penitentiary mentality" personifies Del Norte's community character more than any other. It gives rise to local cops developing an "us against them" illogical paranoia.

When cops actually start to believe that half of our city population is composed of dangerous criminals, then chronic abuses of police power can only be a logical outcome.

It's time for our local cops to clean up their act before the state attorney general's office or the California Bureau of Investigation are forced to come to town and do it for them. In the meantime, I'd suggest this community apologize to Brian Strom and fire Doug Plack.

Tom Sweetnam

Crescent City