Letters: Recent reported issuesspark reader's opinions

August 01, 2007 11:00 pm

I have been reading the paper for a long time and decided to finally write.

Police need our support when attacked, not criticism. We have some of the most mellow law enforcement in the country and they have a right to protect themselves ("Local man assaults officers" July 24, "Locals protest police brutality" July 28).

We need to report local sports ("More national sports, less local needed in Triplicate" Letter to the Editor July 31).What does the one national fan want to hear, that the over-paid professional players are breaking every law on the books in this country and still have a few fans?

Is our harbor district, city and county screaming that so much could depend on having this harbor dredged? ("Harbor budget passed" July 20)Peopleall over the North Coast tried desperately to get a reservation to be on the tall ships in Crescent City because they had to leave the harbor area to perform all of the great things that they do.

The tall shipswere sold out almost before they ever hit theCrescent City harbor.

Kudos to the lady that made the distinction between homeless and transients ("Distinction should be made between homeless and vagrant" Letter to the Editor July 27). Somany of this community could not find the words, and only got others riled up.

What about the landfill that another mentioned? The placenear Detroit is called River Rouge and is a state-of-the-artlandfill that was featured on "60 Minutes" several years ago.

Iam not sure that anyone or any agency cared that the water that was coming out of the ground was cleaner than the water coming outof the taps of the city water system.

Just pause for thought.

Burney McKnight,

Crescent City