Through the eyes of a child

July 13, 2007 11:00 pm
 (Submitted Photo).
(Submitted Photo).

Alyssa Marie Preston (pictured at right center and wearing a nurse's hat), 5, created the Fourth of July sign shown above.

Her mother, grandmother and three-year-old brother gave her "only a little assistance," according to grandmother Linda Witvoet. The first grade girl likes to write, and painted the letters with no help.

"It was a big task for her to accomplish, but she completed it," Witvoet said in a letter to The Daily Triplicate.

Alyssa's uncle, Paul Johnson, 23 is serving in Iraq as a medic.

"Alyssa had ahuge desire to paint her own sign," Witvoet wrote.

Her mother, Danielle Preston, made the Fourth of July signs for Sutter Coast Hospital.

"Since the theme of this year's parade was ‘Through the eyes of a child,' Danielle decided to lether make her own sign. It is amazing that at this ageshe loves to write."Alyssaprinted and painted the letters all by herself. The process took about three days.

Alyssa's great-aunt, Ann Johnson founded the Web site, a site for cheering up those in the service and stationed abroad.