Letters: Re/Max mural issue sounds like small-town politics

June 28, 2007 11:00 pm

Because I travel to the Northcoast annually, I often take the time to view the Triplicate online. I was surprised to see the article pertaining to the mural on the wall for Re/Max Coastal Redwoods ("Decision labels Remax wall art ‘sign,'" June 16).

In the last five years, the town of Crescent City has noticeably improved in its visual appeal. Recently when traveling through, I noticed this mural and just thought it was outstanding! That particular area of town is pretty unappealing, and that mural is quite attractive.

For me as a visitor, the idea of it being Re/Max was secondary to the impression of the nice painting. Just by reading the last couple of articles regarding this issue, there seems to be some underlying issues here, and if there are, it's ridiculous. Small-town business politics? I think so.

Paula Sullivan