Klamath Brawl: Over three-hundred fight fans turn out for event

June 25, 2007 11:00 pm
Alex Rosenburg (top) fighting to gain control of a head-lock with Keith Anderson (bottom) at the Brawl By The River at Gold Bear Casino in Klamath on Saturday. (The Daily Triplicate/Adam Madison).
Alex Rosenburg (top) fighting to gain control of a head-lock with Keith Anderson (bottom) at the Brawl By The River at Gold Bear Casino in Klamath on Saturday. (The Daily Triplicate/Adam Madison).

By Adam Madison

Triplicate staff writer

Crystal clear skies, bright sun and a cool breeze provided the perfect weather for a knockout at the "Brawl by the River," held at Gold Bear Casino in Klamath on Saturday.

"The fight had a great turn-out," said Ron Otremba, trainer for the Del Norte Fitness Fighting Team.

About 300 tickets were sold.

There were 24 fighters and 12 fights.

Chad (Chopsaw) Poole box-ed Ray (The Lightning) Shep-hard, and put on a healthy bout for the first match of the day. Poole threw brutal hooks, but Shephard was able to cut in a few choice uppercuts, keeping Poole's head ringing.

Shephard got too loose towards the last round, and Poole caught him with a right hay-maker that knocked Shephard out, and almost out of the ring.

The second match, a Mixed Martial Arts bout between Justin "The Savage" Rafferty and Andy Maples, went to Rafferty by tap-out. The fight went to the ground in the first round and Rafferty put Maples in a choke-hold, knocking Maples out.

Miguel "Little Shank" Jamie boxed Lanong "Gawk" Sridathong in a three-round match with knockdowns being exchanged until the final round.

Sridathong noodle-legged Jamie soon after the first round began. Jamie came right back in the second round to knock Sridathong half-way out of the ring.

Sridathong was able to get the last knockout for the win in the third round.

The first brawl (untrained fighter) match, between Arlen "Nor Cal Bad Boy" Brown and Matt "The Bull" Breslin, delivered blows the crowd could feel. Both fighters were up and down, each returning blow for body shaking blow.

But Brown was able to floor Breslin at least once a round, taking some clean body shots and keeping Breslin on the ropes for the win.

The co-main event bouts were between Jesse "Big Red" Quarles and Hank Nichols in the heavyweight boxing match and Jarrod Wyatt and James Shumack for the M.M.A. match.

Nichols and Quarles were blow-for-blow in the first round, according to Otremba, Quarles' trainer.

"Jesse was getting boxed-out towards the end of the second round, it was frustrating him," Otremba said.

"Quarles caught him (Nichols) with a big right hand in the third," said Otremba.

The M.M.A. match between Wyatt and Shumack drew the biggest crowd. The fight was only one round, but the rounds were five-minutes long.

Shumack controlled the fight in the beginning, Kun said, and "each fighter was able to get out of some really great holds." Shumack was "even able to get out of the crucifix."

Shumack put Wyatt in an arm-bar, but Wyatt reversed the hold and put Shumack into a chokehold for the win.

Matches and Winners

•Boxing: Chad "Chopsaw" Poole v. Ray "The Lightning"

Shephard. Poole by knockout.

•Mixed Martial Arts: Justin "The Savage" Rafferty v. Andy

Maples. Rafferty by tap-out.

•Boxing: Miguel "Little Shank" Jamie v. Lanong Sridathong.

Sridathong by knockout.

•Submission: Alex "Bulldog" Rosenburg v. Keith Anderson. Rosenburg by


•Brawl: Arlen "Nor Cal Bad Boy" Brown v. Matt "The Bull"

Breslin. Brown by decision

•Boxing: Logan "The Fighting Buckaroo" Otremba v. Tevin

Newton. Otremba by decision.

•Brawl: Crystal "I Gotta Buzz" Breslin v. Ella Norris. Breslin by


•Mixed Martial Arts: Eugene Abasolo v. James Spalding.

Abasolo by knockout.

•Boxing: Cory Roberson v. George Williams. Roberson by decision

•Mixed Martial Arts: Jeff "Brick house" Holz v. Jeff Johnson.

Johnson by knockout/decision, ref stopped fight.

•Heavyweight Boxing: Jesse "Big Red" Quarles v. Hank

Nichols: Quarles by knockout.

•Mixed Martial Arts: Jarrod Wyatt v. James Shumack. Wyatt

by tap-out.

SOURCE: Del Norte Health and Fitness