City seeks help with mural program

April 26, 2007 11:00 pm

Chairman Ray Kinsman of the Action Council for 29 Palms has left for Chico and Crescent City to help the with their mural programs.

Kinsman is somewhat of a mural guru to people in Crescent City who wanti to either start a mural program or need to know how to revitalize an aging program.

Crescent City asked Kinsman to attend a two-day seminar with two other prospering community mural programs.Bill Drennen from Lindsey California and Gene Stevens from Lompoc California were asked to help develop a new mural program from the ground up.

Crescent City has asked these three communities to come and give a presentation about developing a sustainable mural program. There will be a great deal of knowledge shared during this conference. Each city has a great deal of information to contribute, Kinsman noted.