Alcohol deposit raised at vets hall

March 15, 2007 11:00 pm

By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

Those wishing to rent Veterans Memorial Hall for an event that includes alcohol – such as a wedding reception – will now have to put down a larger deposit than in previous years.

At Tuesday's Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting, the group decided to raise the deposit to $575, which is $450 dollars more than the previous fee of $125.

It is significantly less than the initial proposal of $1,000 and the second option of $750.

"I have a hard time, after listening to several complaints, going to $750," District 3 Supervisor Mike Sullivan said of the secondary option. "I, at this point, would be inclined to put it at $575," saying that it would be the same deposit as the Crescent City Cultural Center's.

The deposit was raised in the first place to offset the costs of cleanup. With the $125 deposit patrons would tend to leave their mess behind. But the higher fee would act as a deterrent and would pay for any costs the county might incur from cleaning the memorial hall themselves.

District 2 Supervisor Martha McClure said the higher deposit wouldn't have been such an issue if the county were able to accept credit cards.

"One of the issues is that, as a county, we do not have the ability to take Master Card or Visa," McClure said. "I think that could be helpful to people."

By accepting credit cards money would not actually be taken out of an account, she said. Rather, it would be held in such a way that would not affect renters finances – assuming they cleaned up after themselves.

Currently, the county is working on a way to accept credit card payments at any county office.

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