Scoreboard: Jaycees Tournament

March 13, 2007 11:00 pm

Crescent City Jaycees 39th Annual Basketball Tournament.

This is the second part of the list of standings and award winners from the boys junior high tournament. The first part of the list ran in Saturday's paper. All information below is provided by the Jaycees.

All Tournament Individual

Cheerleader Awards

•"C" Division

Karah Marcinek/St. Joseph, Mackenzie Allen/Grenada, Lauren Turjillo/Redwood, Leighana Martindale/Redwood, Micheala Schneider/Grenada, Kylee Bruder/Redwood, Raquel Silva/St. Joseph.

•"B-2" Division

Lindsay Haney/Douglas City, Gabriela Zepeda/Smith River, Laura Gorman/Trinity Valley, Katie Rice/Trinity Valley, Shaina Yingling/Douglas City, Emerita Barraza/Smith River.

•"B-1" Division

Shasta Phillis/Ferndale, Kaileigh Vincent-Welling/ Blue Lake, Jennifer Goacher/ Crescent Elk, Shelby Slayton/Crescent Elk, Kayla Ghidinelli/Ferndale, Talisa Whitmore/Blue Lake.

•"A-2" Division

Tamara Miranda/Stanwood Murphy, Danielle Dias/Weaverville, Kristin Roan/ Weaverville, Brandi Gacia/Weaverville, Lindsey Kane/Standwood Murphy, Tierney Mobley/Stanley Murphy.

•"A-1" Division

Montana Costello/Mt. View, Amanda Greene/pacheco, Devon Mitola/Redwood, Katie Lamb/Mt. View, Terra Gibson/Pacheco,Shelby Shchoenhofer/Fortuna, Koran Powell/Sunnybrae, Alexis Aguiar/ Fortuna.

•"AA/AAA" Division

Sarah Wiser/Crescent Elk, Amy Hensley/Winship, Tawnie Pace/Jacoby Creek, Felicity Swensen/Winship, Kalyssa King/McKinleyville, Chelsea Anna Rosenduhl/Jacoby Creek, Mariah Sand/ McKinleyville, Lindsay Tromble/Crescent Elk.

•Most Outstanding Mascot Award Over All Divisions Goes To: Lydia Gomez from Smith River School.

•Most Outstanding Cheerleading Award Over All Goes To: Mountain View.

•Most Outstanding Cheer Team Coach Award Goes To: Sandy Bell.

•Arman Gunnerson Sportsmanship and Participation Award Goes To: Crescent Elk C Team.

•Best Tumblers: Hailee Carter/Mountain View, Lindsay Haney/Douglas City.

•Mascot Awards: 3rd. Runner Up: Morgan Van Gemert/Sunny Brae. 2nd. Runner Up: Savannah Barton/Mountain View. 1st. Runner Up: Paige Darby/Redwood.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "AA" Division

3rd. Place: Cody Fisher/Turtle Bay/42; 2nd. Place:Layton O'Reilley/Crescent Elk/42; 1st. Place: Jairo Salas/Zane/47.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "AAA" Division

3rd. Place: Chris McGalliard/Parsons/30; 2nd. Place:Cesar Mendoza/Pomolita/33; 1st. Place: Tristan Eaken/ Creekside/40.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "A-2" Division

3rd. Place: Justin Jeangerard/ Weaver- ville/29; 2nd. Place: Jereomy Hoefer/Middletown/35; 1st. Place: James Slade/Stan-wood Murphy/48.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "A-1" Division

3rd. Place: Cole Ballentin/RLS/36; 2nd. Place: Hayden Pitt/Pacheco/41; 1st. Place: Luke Roi/Mt. View/44.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "B-1" Division

3rd. Place: Dustin Thazton/Upper Lake/ 28; 2nd. Place: Dillon Wright/Crescent Elk/31; 1st. Place Jay Dedrick /Kel-seyville/36.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "C" Division

3rd. Place: Cole Whaley/Lewiston/21; 2nd. Place: Colby Kelley/Leggett Valley/30; 1st. Place: Juston Cosgrove/Redwood/46.

•Hoop Shoot Contest "B-2" Division

3rd. Place: Cody Kertulla/Smith River/36; 2nd. Place: Nigell Gen- saw/Crescent Elk/36; 1st. Place: Justin Heidrick/Coastal Grove/52.

Del Norte High Boys Tennis

March 10, lost at home to McKinleyville 8-1.

March 13, lost at home to Fortuna 7-2.

March 15, at Eureka, 3:15 p.m.

Del Norte High Junior Varsity Baseball

March 10, lost a doubleheader at home to McKinleyville 9-4, 4-2.

March 12, defated Eureka at home 10-9.

March 14, at Brookings, 4:30 p.m.

Del Norte High Varsity Baseball

March 9 through 10 at Red Bluff Tournament. Lost 5-2 to Red Bluff, 12-6 to Foothill and 10-9 to Shasta.

March 14, at home versus Brookings, 4:30 p.m.

March 16, doubleheader at Ferndale, 1 p.m.

Del Norte High Softball

March 17, doublehader at Bandon, noon.

Del Norte High Boys Golf

March 15, at Del Norte Golf Course, noon.

Del Norte County Recreation Department Men's League Basketball

Team Record

Two Sons 2-0

Tri Counties 2-0

Smith River 1-1

Rollers 1-1

John Wier 1-1

Team Del-Cur 1-1

Foursquare 1-2

George's Auto 0-3

March 12 scores

Tri Counties 78, John Wier 39

Leading scorers for John Wier, Joe Snipes with 9 and Cary Roberson with 8

Leading scorers for Tri Counties, Isaiah Nelson with 37 and Stephen Daniels with 13.

Del-Cur 50, George's Auto 47

Leading scorers for De-Cur, Levi Smith with 21 and Chris Young with 11.

For George's Auto, Josh Fitch with 18 and Andrew Fitch with 12.

Rollers 66, Foursquare 55

Leading scorers for the Rollers were, Geno Colegrove with 24 and Justin Dodson with 22.

For Foursquare, Robbie Harrison with 19 and Frankie Guy with 14.


National Basketball Association

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS—Announced Bernie Bickerstaff will not return as coach next season, but will be invited to stay with the organization.


National Football League

BUFFALO BILLS—Re-signed CB Kiwaukee Thomas.

DETROIT LIONS—Signed CB Travis Fisher to a one-year contract.

GREEN BAY PACKERS—Signed CB Frank Walker to a one-year contract.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS—Signed WR Kelley Washington.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS—Named Joe Lombardi offensive assistant coach.

NEW YORK JETS—Named Mike Jones assistant strength and conditioning coach, Ben Kotwica quality control-special teams and defense, Mike Bloomgren and Brian Smith quality control-offense.


BOWLING GREEN—Announced the resignation of Dan Dakich, men's basketball coach.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN—Announced the contract of Eileen Kleinfelter, women's basketball coach, will not be renewed.

CINCINNATI—Announced the retirement of Laurie Pirtle, women's basketball coach.

GEORGIA SOUTHERN—Named Ron Dugans wide receivers coach, Mitch Stewart tight ends coach, Bubba Walker defensive ends coach and Dave Jenkerson, Jr. strength and conditioning coach.

INDIANA—Signed Rick Greenspan, athletic director, to a contract extension through June 2013.

KANSAS STATE—Named Greg Burns defensive backs coach.

MISSOURI-KANSAS CITY—Fired Rich Zvosec, basketball coach.

SOUTHERN UTAH—Named Roger Reid men's basketball coach.

TEXAS A&M INTERNATIONAL—Named Debbie Snell athletic director.

WESTERN MICHIGAN—Named Bill Miller defensive coordinator, Peter McCarty defensive line coach and Bob Stanley offensive line coach.